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Im feeling like the relationship is becoming one sided and questioning..


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My GF and I have been together for about 6 mos. She has told me how much she has fallen for me and talks about marriage and all that stuff.. Lately I have been getting slightly frustrated and started to question everything.. Please tell me if I am over thinking or over reacting..


The things that have been bothering me. I feel like I am overly supporting her. She hasnt paid for a piece of food that has entered her mouth in the last 2-3 months. I have no problem with taking care of her but I feel like its now become expected. With that, a few months ago I lent her $600 so she could have the rest of the money to buy a car. She was in need and her mother was going to give her the money and the day she was supposed to get it her mother flaked on her. I almost feel guilty asking her to start paying me back.


Secondly, for Christmas she wanted jewelry. I purchased her a necklace and a ring that she really wanted. She told me jewelry is something very important to her and if I got her any she would never take it off. Couple weeks ago I noticed she wasnt wearing them. When I asked she said, They are in cleaner at my house and I left in a hurry and completely forgot to put it back on. Since then she has been home about 3-4 times and still seems to forget to put them on...


Intimacy. We had an amazing sex life. We were being intimate sometimes 3 times a day. She has had some issues lately with her parts (Tearing, etc) which I understand, but now I feel almost like I am doing something wrong if I start to touch her or fool around with her. The night before last she started kissing me and the moment I started to touch her she said, No not tonight.. With that we went out for her birthday last week with her family, it was a good time and we relocated to a bar with her family where I knew the promoter so I took care of all the drinks for her and her family. Im her BF and in the whole entire night she didnt or try to take a single picture with me.


The last couple of weeks she has been seeing a therapist. She has had some family issues in the past that I think therapy is good for her. After her 2nd meeting we got in an argument last week, you can see my previous post, and she said the therapist told her she may not be ready for a relationship and that she may need to mature and stuff. She said she told her that maybe a break would be beneficial to us. I told her I understand if she needs a break and I will respect that but I Think if we need a break, and cant grow together we should probably go our separate ways. She said she didnt want that. That she didnt want to lose or risk losing what we have and that she wants to try and work on her own issues while staying together.


The night before last she stayed over. When she woke up yesterday she was sick. No voice, didnt feel well. etc. She went to work and left about an hour later. She went home to rest. I didnt hear from her for about 8 hrs. I called her last night to see if she was OK and her phone was off. At around 11pm I sent her a text saying goodnight. I asked her why her phone was off and she said it kept going off and she was trying to rest. I asked if she had just been home all day and she said yes, except for when I ran out earlier to meet up with my friend to talk, and now because I am going over to her house. I said, "So you are sick enough to go home from work, too sick to have any contact with me, so sick that you have to turn your phone off to rest, but you are good enough to go out at 11 at night to your friends house?" She responded, Im not going out anywhere, Im just going to her house. I kind of left it there..


Now I am completely in my head. I think I am going to talk to her today and tell her that I dont feel like this is a relationship. Tell her that I feel like there is no affection, intimacy, etc. Im not sure what to do or say really. Is it time for me to walk away?

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