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Ok, here's the situation. I saw this BEAUTIFUL woman at her place of work about 2 weeks back. She was extremely helpful while I was there. She even asked me a few personal things about myself. I thanked her for her help and went on my way. About 3 days later, I called her from my job and asked her if she wanted to get together and have drinks/lunch. She said she would "get back to me on that one". At first I took this as a sign of non-interest. But also while on the phone, she was very inquisitive and excited about my age, and the things that I like to do. I gave her my number and asked her to call. A week passed without any call and at this point, I totally forgot about it. But then last night I get home and guess what!! I see her name on my caller ID! The only thing was, she didnt leave a message. Where should I go from here? I personally have this strict policy that I never call back a person just based on their name showing up on the caller id. Unless it's family or a close friend. I figure, they would leave a message if they wanted you to call them back. But I'm seriously considering making an exception. The other alternative is to call or go back up to her job...but I wouldnt have any reason to go there but to talk to her at this point so I couldn't use anything as a smoke screen What do yall think? I don't want to seem too needy. And I find a lot of success in relationships in the beginning by having the other play a little guessing game. BUT this girl is awesome!! She is extremely attractive and she also seems down to earth.

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Lets look at this situation, she didnt leave a message for a reason so it was just a random call to see what was up. If you call her back it makes you seem too needy. DO NOT make exceptions thats where you start to get in trouble. She has the number if she is really interested in drinks or lunch then she will call back otherwise she is a lost cause. She doesnt know that you have caller ID so to her it was just a random call and she isnt expecting anything back. Remember she has to show interest otherwise its just a waste of ur time.

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You snooze you lose...Call her back...what do you have to lose? You don't have her now anyway. All you can do is possibly gain. A lot of people feel strange leaving messages. If she is calling you for the first time maybe she didn't want to make the phone call to a machine.



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It could be a random call.

Then again, it could also be that she didn't leave a message because she was too nervous or shy to come up with something to say.

If she called you it means you have a shot. Calling a guy is a big thing for some women. It goes against those stupid rules, right? Generally, women don't bother to phone men they have no interest in.


Anyway, call her back. Don't mention that you noticed her number on your id. Just that you were thinking about her (girls love that) and wondering if she had given anymore thought to going out and then suggest where you'd like to go. Its worth a shot. I think it would make you seem more like a persuer than a clingy person.


In terms of where you should phone, if you know her home phone number, phone her at home. It might increase your chances of getting a date than if you phone her at work. At work she might have co-workers listening or not have time to talk, etc.


Hope it works out

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Ok Day, your the odd ball j/k Hey, Thanks for the input but I'm gonna give her a call.... We'll see where this goes. Yall are right. I shouldnt be expecting the world all up front...just a hint! I better put my skills in second gear here. Wish me luck!



OH!! And you know I'll post my results!


This site is so nice.....it would be funny if she was reading this huh?

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Thanks for the imput CG and Ice...I'm gonna go ahead and make the call. I'll post my results tomorrow...(if I actually talk to her). It just feels better to make a move now. If it escalates from this point, then I will turn more strategic.


I've always found enjoyment in looking at the initial "getting to know someone" as a chess match. They might know a lot about your pieces but never know what your next move will be. Keep them guessing!


Oh, and CG I'm tryin my best to keep anonymous...I'll tell u what state I'm NOT from if u ask about one in particular

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