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Does he really think that I don't know about his secret Pay-as-you-go phone?..

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So this clown (my ex) decided to cancel his old phone service with Verizon (including his number) before he proposed to me. I thought it was suspicious that he decided not to carry over his phone number since he's had that phone number for almost 10 years and had numerous working contacts through that phone number. He said he wanted the cheaper Pay-as-you-go plan, which is understandable, but I was confused as to why he wouldn't keep his phone number. But I was just crazy in love with the idiot and didn't question it. Ofcourse, as I found out later, he had escorts and side-girls making inbound calls to his old phone number.


Anyway, he gave me the password to his new Pay-as-you-go phone. Ofcourse he did, he didn't give any call girls or girls-on-the-side this new number so I'm SURE he didn't mind that I could check these records.


Now that we've broken up, I still have the password, and I checked it today... and lo and behold there are DAYS where he didn't make a single call from it. This guy NEVER goes a single day without using his phone, never has in the past, and probably never will. So ofcourse, I do the calculations in my head. If he got two of these Pay-as-you-go phones/plans, even with unlimited data, the total would still be less than it cost him to have his Verizon phone/plan.


I'm sure he thought he was so f-ing clever that he could have one phone that he used to call me, his family, and colleagues... and another to call his escorts, side girls, and friends (who have used the escort services as well). Does he really think I'm that stupid??


I really, really DODGED A BULLET!!!!!!! Can you imagine marrying a man like this? I can't believe I almost did...

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Ha, proving once again my theory that most chronic cheaters are just not the brightest bulbs to begin with and no, they'll secretly think they are the most clever, smartest people in the world no matter how much evidence is stacked up against them or how many people they manage to eventually alienate. You did indeed dodge a big bullet. Now write down what you found, so if he ever tries to sweet talk you into forgetting/believing what you know you can look at it again to remind yourself of why you didn't marry this guy--and then move on, happily, without him.


From one who's been there and done that too with a cheating ex who thought he was terribly clever and deceptive, but wasn't once I decided to take the blinders off.

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