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He told me he loves me like a sister...

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After 4 and a half years of dating on and off, I found out my ex had been sleeping with my roommates best friend who i introduced him to for a year without telling me even though we were on a break for college. I never forgave him and so we broke up and now 8 months later they are dating. It breaks my heart but I'm trying to move on. He hasn't stopped reaching out and telling me how he still loves me romantically up until last month where I made it very clear that the only way I can be happy is if he stopped speaking to me. Out of the blue he contacted me today on gmail chat and said he just wanted to tell me he still cares about me, hopes I'm happy, and 'cares about me like a sister". This made me feel very strange and confused. He used to be so in love with me. My head feels totally messed with. What does that mean and what's going on? I would like to move past this and be civil with him because I care about him to but the girl he is seeing right now is the same girl who put me through all that pain last year. What is he thinking???

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I would end contact with your ex. Don't return his texts or emails. Or calls. he has no right to know what you are up to or what you are thinking or doing = at least not from you. My skin would crawl if a guy who ran around on me told me he "loved me". well technically you were taking a break, but Really? The roomies best friend? btw, have you been tested?

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It sounds like he's playing games, first by continuing to contact you even while he's dating someone else and then to pull this move, which is often designed to further confuse one as to what the guy's real intentions are. If it was me I'd just put it down to more game playing and text him back something like, "Thanks, Bro--me too." Then stop taking his texts, calls or other forms of communication and stop responding altogether. You already know he's with someone else and now seems to sort of want the ego boost of having you around while he's with her. Then he can wonder what you meant and you can be done with his nonsense altogether.

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As the others have said , run and never look back , you will be glad to rid yourself of him when it's all squared away in your mind. Now , if something is off and on a lot, it's never a good sign , if you have a break..it's usualy because 1 half wants to do exactly what they want in the break. If you are constantly breaking up and drifting back together , it can often be for ease and comfort, not love. Now to be hit, at the end by an excuse like that ..love you like a sister is a pretty awful thing to say... I mean I am guessing you guys were sexually active ... ...that makes my skin crawl too when I start thinking about my sister...ewwwwwwwwww


Now you are rid of this parasite , never look back.

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He is insulting you by making it sound like a compliment. You notice the way he starts it with that he still cares about you? Then puts 'like a sister' afterwards?


My ex said almost the exact same thing. He was in love with me right up to just before the split. Everything was 'i love you' or 'i miss you' etc.

Then as soon as he wants to split he says he loves me 'like a sister'. However, the kicker is he saw a painting of a woman who looked like me and he pointed it out and said 'she looks like you, very hot!'.

Although i am still insulted by the sister comment, i think he just threw it in there as another 'excuse' for the breakup. I don't know anyone who sleeps with their sisters and thinks of their sister as 'hot' etc.

When we were first dating, the first fight we ever had, he said to me i was like a 'sister' to him and we should break up.

6 years later we were still together. People say things to hurt you in an indirect way and it works a lot of the time.


Just sounds like he's trying to hurt you for ignoring him.


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