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doing NC, told him i needed this in order to move on, together for 1.5 years

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I am not doing NC in hopes that he will come back to me although i have heard that even though they rarely come back, there is a better chance of them missing you and wanting you back if you do NC. I'm doing NC now, because with my ex back in high school , we decided to stay friends and we were always together after the break up and would still kiss sometimes and it was really stupid, i had a class with the guy and saw him everyday and i still loved him but he started to move on right in front of my face and all of a sudden acted like we never had anything. It took me forever to get over him so i decided this time i wasnt going to put myself through that and i was going to do total NC after breaking up with my ex now. also it would hurt too much to see him. we were right now on 2 months of long distance cause hes off track from school right now but coming up this april. We go to the same university and we will ive like 4 min walking distance, but i still dont want to see him or talk to him because i would give it all away that i still miss him and want him. So the NC is more for me than for other reasons. Although I'm planning on moving on and trying at times to think positive thoughts that i will meet someone so much better that will love me and i will love him, in the back of my mind i have a tiny wish that he would want me back although i know for sure it wont happen. no one has ever come back after me after a break up.


He said he understood why i wasnt going to be talking to him but he even said that if i needed someone to talk to or if i needed anything he'd always be there for me and i could call him. i told him i couldnt when hes the problem and he said he understood. I told him maybe i'll see him when i'm past this and he said that would be nice. I was emotional and told him this wouldnt affect him and that he didnt care about this or whether we stayed friends or not and he said "i never said that and its not true, why are you focusing on the things that i'm not saying that arent true instead of what i am telling you? why do you think i dont care? i still care and i still love you now." and he said that a couple of times. hes not the guy that says what you want to hear and would never have said i love you if he didnt mean it.


So i know everything he was saying was true. Its not just to make myself happy but thats just how the guy is. He kept calling me by my little pet name or nickname he made up for me as we were breaking up and we had broken up earlier in the day but then we had another convo later at night to have closure. during the first break up call he called me babe and its something he hadnt called me in a while cause he now only calls me by my little pet name all the time and kept doing so that day. It gets me upset because you wouldnt be doing these things if you didnt care and if you didnt want to be with them. Also a week before it was vday and he was gonna get me a vday present from victorias secret and even asked for my size and stuff but then said he forgot to buy it that day and then i guess he decided not to do it. and i knew if we hadnt been long distance we wouldnt have broken up. he has been down about other things in his life and i think it made him think all these crazy thoughts. i will move on and know i will never be with him again but i still miss him and it hurts. what can i do ? will i ever find someone again

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It is good that your ex cares about you, so does mine. There is no reason to doubt that but you have to accept that he doesn't want to be with you anymore. For whatever reason, that is what he has decided and you have face that hurtful reality. NC is advised because nothing you two can talk about will make this better for you, only worse. Yes, it is hard to server all ties but in the end you have to get used to a life without him and put your relationship behind you.

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