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What do I do? Urgent help :(


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So I've been dating a girl who I really like and things seem to be going well then today I get a text saying that one of her friends has said he has feelings for her and she doesn't know how she feels, she doesn't think it's right to start seeing me? She said sorry for doing it over text and hope there's no hard feelings etc. should I reply at all or just cut all contact?

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She says she's leaving it for a bit because of what's going on with her mate. She said she does like me but can't keep seeing each other because of the above. I do really like her so it's really annoying. I haven't spoke to her for a couple of days now. Will she contact me?


Why would she contact you? She told you she doesn't want to see you any more and she's got a new guy.


My advice would be thank her for her honesty. Many girls would have suggested you two be friends so she could enjoy your attention while stringing you along for months or years giving you nothing but breadcrumbs and heartache.

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