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What's your new hobby?

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It is hard to get oneself back after a break-up, depending on your situation of course. But once the begging, acceptance, and any other feeling stage has passed -- there is still the task of what many say 'staying busy' will get you through the break-up.


My question is: What is your new hobby that has helped you get through the feelings or thought of the love one that's now is no longer in your life?


I will go first, mine is writing in my journal and reading biographies. I am also thinking of adding a new hobby.

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Playing piano!


When I was younger I wanted to be a pianist, and I would play for hours everyday - it was my life. As I got older I slowly stopped, but with my most recent break up I figured why not go back? It is almost like meditating for me and I was shocked at what a release it is. I have actually been brought to tears while playing, as dramatic as that sounds I am hoping that this will also urge me back into the other arts that I have been neglecting over the years, such as my painting and sculpting.

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Getting back into the gym and boxing, I became so preoccupied with spending time with my ex that I had let my passions and hobbies go right out the window. As tough as it was to lose her I did get a big part of my life back. I also have alot more time for friends and my family which is great.

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Well I havent developed a hobby per se. More like developing a full schedule.... to keep my mind focused on other things so I don't have to miss him so much.

I hike, get on the treadmill every other day, started working out, joined a local Geek Girls Grp, take Punk Yoga classes every week, have a book club meeting every 2 weeks, learning how to snowboard and ski, and about once every week I am baking something new or making something out of scrap paper.

Oh yea.... window online shopping and coming on here does help a great deal!!

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Working on new training plans. I am trying out this practice called TuT (time under tension). Its where your muscle having constant long tension can grow in size, as opposed to just using strength.


I have also started reading comics again. This helped A LOT during my break up. I am just doing a bunch of dorky stuff that are too dorky to mention.

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I turned to getting serious about being able to record music and getting into creating it.


Basically due to being single I ended up with a left over money which I would keep aside for going out.

Since I didn't want to anymore, I put it towards being more available to not just playing music but also recording it in a quality which is acceptable to be released as demo quality.

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I have a number of things that I used to do, that I have let slide.. First and foremost, building electric guitars. However, I currently do not possess the skill and precision required, due to my depleted mental and physical state. In due time..


Although I do spend a lot more time with friends and family, I also spend too much time watching TV and playing F1 on the XBox.. Video games really help to take your focus off things when you are obsessing. I also like to post here from time to time.!

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It's not a hobby but I'm fostering abandoned cats until they find a family. Makes me feel good since I've always wanted to do "something for the world" and never found the time or money. I also support a friend of mine by reading her scripts and reviewing her drawings before they're sent out. Oh and I've made a bunch of bracelets I'm going to send to my Facebook friends for Christmas. It's unbelievable how you stop thinking of the ex when you're creative ;-)

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* Hadn't stepped foot in a gym until my breakup and now I really enjoy it!

* Watching Big Bang Theory, had never seen it before.

* Learning Japanese again and making plans to move back next year all being well!


It's true that you get lazy in a relationship, and often it takes a BU to happen for you to rediscover yourself.


Good luck everyone!


Ps. Hey Valgar!

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I had quite a busy schedule even before the BU so I have tried to keep it that way. It was hard at the beginning as I didn't care about my classes anymore. I have not joined the gym yet but that's on my list, I need something to occupy my weekends. Reading books on buddism has helped me more than anything (thanks to whoever suggested them on eNA). I'd say my new hobby is making myself if not happy, at least less sad or at least content. Fighting the negative thoughts and keep smiling is my new "hobby". It's constant training of the mind.

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I am trying again to focus on my studies, I study in 2 different programs, one a postgraduate for professional reasons and the other one as a hobby. The one I do as a hobby helps me a lot because there are a lot of literature and culture classes which I love! During my relationship I mainly cared about writing in the exams, I wasn't paying much attention. The other program is a pain in the... though!

My hobby was painting. I had stopped the classes because of lack of time and money. Now I have both but I can't start it again. It will remind the classes I went that my ex was coming to pick me up, how much I wanted to show him my new painting, the paintings I made for him and gave to him as a gift...


I also read books about relationships, there are so many things I didn't know. I hope I will have a relationship at some point in the future to put all the new things I've learnt in practice and make it better!

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My new hobby is cycling, more particular road cycling. I used to have a motorcycle (which I sold because my ex asked me to) and that was therapeutic in some ways. You get to be out on the open road, smell the air, see the sights and be able to reflect. Now with a road bike, I get all that therapy similar to a motorcycle, but I get in great shape too. Now I am pretty hardcore into cycling and just this past Thanksgiving, I hit my goal for the year before it snowed and rode 40 miles that day.


On a side note, when people see you happy and confident, you release that aura and positive energy onto others that notice. Just from Facebook pics alone, people have gotten into cycling and ask me all sorts of questions about getting into it because they see benefits of it and how passionate I am about it.

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running!!! I have far too much pent up aggression (not the most socially acceptable thing to say as a young female!) but its true! everytime i feel the kick of adrenaline when i think about 'him' and all I have lost - i just go out running and push myself until I'm a worn out, red , sweaty *calm* young lady I should be

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ive cultivated a lot of my friendships. a lot of hanging out and just appreciating the people that care about me because i probably neglected these things for the longest time without even knowing it. i was even invited to the wedding of two friends who, before the BU, were probably just friendly acquaintances from grad school. but now they are two of my best friends and i try to see them every week or so. their wedding was absolutely beautiful.


i've also threw myself into becoming a better volleyball player. it's all i ever do now. and i'd like to keep working hard so that i can maybe be one of the better players in the city. it's coming along, very slowly without any formal coaching (just me playing more and emulating), but it's comin.

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