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I don't want to be worried, but here I am.


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So I was dating this guy (not very long, but long enough that we were exclusive) and just the other day we had sex. He didn't wear a condom (bad decision, fully, fully aware- although we had had the talk about STI's, etc.). I was going to ask him to pull out because I wasn't comfortable, but then he came really really early. I'm on the pill, and I take it regularly- everyday, around the same time. But I was really freaked out and so I bought the morning pill about 3 hours later and took that. We're no longer dating (as of today, actually)- so now I'm a little concerned about the consequences.


I regret sleeping with him so much, and I know I can't take it back, but I've been on the pill for 3 years and despite everyone's concerns about getting pregnant- it's supposed to be very effective if used correctly.


Anyway, should I be worried about my chances of becoming pregnant? Or did I cover all my bases?

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I also think your chances of pregnancy are very low, especially since you bought the morning after pill. I would also go to planned parenthood or your local health department to get tested. Most offer tests free. Not sure how it is in your state, but the local health department tested for more STDs than planned parenthood did. Please get tested because a lot of people don't show symptoms, which is why people might not know.

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