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Possible Dating Ex-Girlfriend/Babys-Momma's Best Friend?


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So yeah, me and the mother of my children split up about 2 months ago. Well she found somebody else she is dating, yada yada.


Well me and her best friend have been talking all week non stop. I actually dated her about 4 years ago before my Ex. Well lets just say my Ex isnt the best of friends to anyone. She only thinks of her self, if it doesnt benefit her then she gets mad, you know, the usual stuff.


Im pretty sure that everyone is gonna be like "Thats messed up" Well the truth is, me and her friend have way more in common then my ex, we get along so well, and pretty much everything we agree on.


Ive always had an interest in her even when me and my ex were dating. She's one of those girls that you wish you would have really given a chance.


Im not doing this to get back at my ex or anything. Im really interested in her friend.


Me and her are hanging out Saturday and knowing the both of us, im pretty sure SOMETHING will happen.


I kinda feel dumb for posting this. I feel the info I have gave is like something a kid would say. I dont know, I just feel this is something you hear from somebody who is trying to get back at there ex, be childish, trying to get some, etc


This girl is really awesome and its just not something that started over night. I have know her for about 6 years and now I might actually have the chance to doing something with it.


Before you criticize, just try to see it where im from. It may look like im wanting revenge, but in all honesty, im just looking for happiness just like everyone else.

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What other people think or say becomes far less important when you recognize that none of them are living your life for you.


That said, you have reasonable control over your own privacy. Use discretion and tact during this time, and settle all of your 'old business' before starting new. This is less about the perceptions of others and more about positioning yourself for a potential future in a smart way. If you start a new flame in an explosive environment, you can guess the outcome. Protect your goals.

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