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So on Monday and Tuesday, I have this dreaded, 16-hour test I've been studying for since the summer.... USMLE step 3.

As many people here know - I've had a really really difficult time studying for it - my mind always wandering back to thoughts of my ex.

It would have been so nice, to have her love, encouragement and support while I studied for this thing.... to have her wish me good luck... to call me before I take it just to say she believes in me, and to call me after to ask how it went... But I don't have her in my life at the moment, and have to face this on my own.


I still don't feel fully prepared, and a lot of self-doubt weighing on my head... but I reviewed everything. I should be okay. I have my prep, prayers from my parents, my family, my friends, and hopefully the members of ENA. Thank you all for the support and listening to me whine these last few weeks. When I come home tuesday night, I will start my new life, as a new man.


So please, even though we've never met, this coming monday and tuesday send some positive energy and good vibes in my direction. Please ask God or whatever higher power you believe in to help me out - a total stranger yes, but one going through a tough challenge with a broken, slowly healing heart that maybe you can identify with.


Thanks everyone for being here for me.

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