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  1. DAY 42 - Stupidly looked at his profile...he'd posted two pictures of himself wearing what he will be wearing for Summer ball....although the hat and shoes looked utterly ridiculous the suit looked good, I wish I wasn't attracted to him!!! I do wonder if I'll ever meet anyone I find as attractive as him...it's his whole personality combined too, he's all wacky and different from everyone else but he doesn't care about me any more at all!!! I wish I'd never been with him in the first place...I really wish I'd never met him.
  2. DAY 41 - longest nc today! I'm going to make it this time I joined an online dating site and although it's early days it's not all that encouraging. No one seems to really perk up my interest but I guess there are always going to be difficulties with online dating and in real life. I just have to keep reminding myself not to dwell in old memories and stay in the past. I'm moving on, I'm on my way
  3. DAY 40 I seem to have about a 30 minute struggle with myself once a day or every other day but I am managing to talk myself out of it with very good reasons and I do feel the longer nc is the better I am getting I want to be happy and I'm really trying to move on with my life and knowing that I want to be happy and that he is not the one who is going to bring this to me is a really good step in the right direction I feel I'm not waiting for him any more I also think a lot of the reason why it's hard is because the ego is bruised and I start thinking 'how could he not be talking to me?' and that really hurts my ego...my sister and I decided to imagine that our ego was like a little ewok, cuddly teddy bear and whenever we felt like that we would imagine cuddling it up in a blanket and being really sweet to it...sounds weird but it actually really works haha!
  4. I only just realised I'm on DAY 30!!! Buuut big development I don't want him to break nc, I'll be really annoyed if he does because I actually think that I am making really good progress getting over him, last night a hottie got my number which helped haha but even before that...I know he's over me so I keep saying to myself well hell I am too! I just have this niggling feeling that he will come back at some point (maybe weeks/months/ years I don't know) but if I've already moved on I'm going to be really pissed off.....
  5. DAY 27 I've been doing a fair amount of flirting and retail therapy today...it really helps as I feel good tonight but I can't retail therapy my sorrows away every time I feel low! On the upside...I have some really nice new clothes...hehe I will be good from now on....no more splurging till I have a job! Promise Wait no...I can't promise..I'll just promise to be better!
  6. DAY 26 - It's weird, it seems that the closer I get to day 30 the more upset I am....maybe I just have to get past that milestone and then it will all go up hill from there...
  7. DAY 25 - still angry with him and feeling kind of upset about the whole thing but....I want to be better off without him, I can doooo this! I can't believe I'm on day 25 I should be feeling amazing but some times I'm not sure if I feel worse....whyyyy the backwards steps?!!!
  8. DAY 23 - feeling very low about the whole thing today and last night. I just don't want to be in this place any more. I feel so angry towards how he's hurt me and made me feel like I'm not good enough, I did so much in that relationship I felt I was the best person I could be but it just wasn't good enough for him. I'm in a dark place....
  9. DAY 22 - exam today...feeling nervous...if I bump in to him before my exam I will make sure to personally hurt the universe in some way for being so cruel....!
  10. DAY 21 - 3 weeks today!!! Feeling really good, as lanaa says living a healthy lifestyle really helps! My exam is tomorrow but the reality hasn't quite set in yet....nervous but...hmm will probably happen tomorrow! Hoping I don't bump in to him on campus I'm doing so well! I feel perfectly ok with not having him in my life. It's sad but I guess it was meant to happen! Who will be coming in to my life next haha
  11. DAY 20 - Had a low moment last night but I'm back on track again I think it's because I was feeling stressed out and he tends to occupy my thoughts a lot when I'm undergoing stress. Anyone have any ideas how to stop that?!
  12. I am indeeedy I finish on friday I'm soooo excited!! Here I come freedom haha
  13. DAY 19 - stressing out about my exam.....ex feels far away, a part of my past, oddly refreshing.
  14. DAY 18 - finding it kind of hard to remember what he looks like!!! Some of the memories are fading too! I mean some I will always remember but..not so easy to think of now..because I guess he's not in my mind so much! I'm feeeeeeelin gooooooood. It will be interesting to see what this weekend and next week is like when I've finished exams and have free time to focus even more on me...a good thing or a bad thing? haha we'll see! What a pleasure to see so many newbiessss (at least I haven't seen a fair few of you before I don't think...) anyway welcome it's a fun journey Lanaa I thought your sister had changed her password?! haha
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