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I knocked on his door


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So i need opinions now and quick! Shaking head to toe 6 month since break-up 2 month nc. I knock on his flat, (where he doesnt know I know he lives) and he lets me in (Which didnt expect). Hes frosty but admits he still loves me. Says its about acceptng whether I have changed and whether our future could be bright together! Says he doesnt know. Left with a hug. How do I take that is there hope?? Thats the main thing!?

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How come you weren't meant to know where he lived!

And how come you knew where he lived if he didn't know you knew... All sounds a little strange!


Anyway, The only thing I could suggest is taking it slowly and dating again.

But he has been slightly pressured and put on the spot it sounds. He may just have said this to appease you. How did you leave things?

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After a breakup, it shouldn't be about one person proving they changed and the other person deciding if its true - both parties should do some healing. I think it is best, since you made the effort to reach out, to not contact him from here on out, even if he doesn't contact you for months. the ball is sort of in his court now. Don't sit around waiting. Get out there adn do life.

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I didnt know where he lived as we used to live together. So he Moved back to where he is from, The next town from me. He didnt tell me where his new flat was as he wanted no contact. But when we moved out of our home I heard him tell the letting agency the address.

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He didnt tell me where his new flat was as he wanted no contact.


You really should have respected his wish for no contact. This was a blatant breech of privacy.


Jodie, I'll be honest. By going to his house like that, you showed him that you do not have the strength to live your life without him. Not only is that a huge turn-off for most dumpers, but it puts a ton of pressure on them too. Not to mention the fact that you pretty much threw your dignity out the window.

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