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hung out with the new girl last and now nothing


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So we hang out.. it was a snow storm here. So she invited me over. Convo felt strained she fought I didn't like her.. when I left she said ttyt..


I called today. Set up to hang out for few hrs.. I called back twice she won't respond..


I'm confused ;(

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Hi, I don't know if you've posted any other threads about this so don't know the background.


So let me get this right, you called her 3 times in the day and she hasn't responded?


From what you said about the time you met, with the conversation being strained and whatnot, I don't think she's that interested.

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Are you in NY, 22n32? And do you know her cellphone provider?


I only ask because my guy has been having a ton of phone issues since the storm. He tried calling and texting me several times and I didn't get the majority of his attempts. And he didn't receive several of my texts either, so I'm hoping it's something like that and not her ignoring you which is just plain rude.

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Not sure what to say, did you just go over to her home? That's a bit of a hard first date. Going out would be better.

Ok here is my take: With me, if I meet a guy, I like to go home and "digest" him. When I first met the guy who introduced himself while jogging last week, I liked him, but now I really like him.


Also, I completely switched off all phones this past Friday night after a trying week at work.


BTW, subject guy lives in NYC, and for some reason I just got the email he sent me yesterday, again, but still shows as coming in yesterday?? There are phone issues in NY.


I would just let her come to you. You never know what could be going on...


By the way, some women will cool off a bit to get the guy going....I agree with the poster and will add:



"No one LIKES to play games, but we all DO."

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We are in ny. But 3 calls and 3 texts. And nothing she must of got one of them. I talked to her at 1pm.. she is ignoring me. So rude


Hmmm, does she have verizon? Because my guy does and between 1:30 and 5:00pm he didn't receive more than 3 of my texts and he called me way more than 3 times and sent several texts I never received until he finally got through to me a few hours later. He knew the network was acting up but he kept trying only because he knew someone had hit my car and he was checking to make sure everything was okay.


I dunno though, I'm just hoping to find a explanation here for ya....


But if she is indeed ignoring you, then yep...that's incredibly rude and I would forget about her.

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Talk to her today. She said she didn't get any of my calls..


I don't know...


Well, considering the circumstances I'd believe her this one time. The same exact thing happened to me too yesterday with repeated phone calls and texts not going through at all.


Just observe how receptive she is moving forward.

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