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Does it mean anything he remembers what I was wearing the first time we met now


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Ok so my relationship with a guy from work is over and it has been agreed we will just be colleagues.


had a conversation yesterday to clear the air so we could move forward - he said he wanted to talk as he did not want us to not talk or things be awkward at work so I agreed and we spoke for an hour. I am under no illusion it is over - during our call he confirmed he is happy with his GF, still says he stands by everything he said and felt about me and did not want to hurt me, I told him I had moved on - there had been some insinuation about me and another guy at work who is married - I confirmed we are friends (which we are - his marriage is not great and he is fighting to save it) but that I would never dream of sleeping with a married man to which he replied he knew that about me but it was none of his business and we are two adults and can do whatever we want.


The conversation was good and I was glad we talked and felt some closure (although in my heart I still love him) but then he threw in a comment about remembering exactly what I was wearing the first time we met - and he was correct when he told me!! I just glossed over it and we just ended call saying we were both glad we had talked.


The trouble is his remembering what I was wearing is bothering me as I have no idea what he was wearing - does it mean he is just more observant than me or does it mean something more???


I suppose it is a question for the guys more but appreciate any comments.

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People remember insignificant details that surround significant events. The day you met was a big deal when you guys started dating, and the memory isn't erased automatically when the relationship ends. There's probably other things that you remember about that day about him, too.

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