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really shy both of us university friends and first time dating and i am confused


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I met this guy 1 year ago when we were frosh at university. We used to commute together in bus and started talking since we were in same classes. He is an extreme shy person. He always has boys friends and doesnt talk to any girls. So that explains why he used to ignore me when we would be in lecture halls or classes or even in bus together. After our first time chat in bus, we didnt speak to each other for like 2 months. We used to see each other in bus, but never used to look at each other or thats what i observed. I thought he hated me. or maybe he doesnt really talks to girls and is a loner type of guy. But one day we again met in bus and started talking about our exam. Again He ignored me or i thought he didnt look at me ever. Now we both are in second year of university, we say "hey" when we see each other..have eye contact for 3-4 seconds when we pass by..Although he never says hi just stares at me i wave and then he nodes his head..and we pass by without speaking anything..Once we were in our cafeteria, we just stared at each other once in a while 2-3 times..but when he is with his friends or I am with my friends we wont even look at each other..maybe its too much shyness or dont know whats worng here.. Yesterday we were in our cafeteria with our respective friends groups, we just stared at each other once in a while 2-3 times had eye contact..but didt wave or anything..His friends noticed it i think and today i was in study hall sitting and he was speaking with his friends..his friends were smiling and looking at me..I was kinda scarred if his friends know that i like him and he doesnt like me...Now we dont have any lectures together and we hardly see each other but are extremely busy with university stuff..and always have awkward meeting..What does this mean?Does he like me or is he just not interested?Because he is very career focussed and a nerd i must say..So am I...

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Next time you see him try to give him your phone number or add him on facebook, then try to take it from there. See if he wants to hang out outside of class. If you're feeling aggressive you can try to get his number, but you don't have to. It's hard to tell whether he likes you or not based on seeing him a few times.


Last week we did meet in a store on campus and I initiated the talk and we talked about our summer and stuff in general..but he has never asked a girl out or i have never seen him hanging out with girls..he would rather sit alone than talk to any girl he knows..He is not even on facebook i dont know about msn though..he is very free with guys though..he will laugh and have guy talks with them..and the thing is when i see him something weird happens i am not able to speak or act weird..we do have eye contact when we see each other around but just shy to talk..maybe he doesnt like me since he never talks to girls same is in my case..i am just seeing it differently..and as i said we dont have any classes together although we are in same program..so like we see just once or twice in a week when we are walking through lectures or random times..

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Does he know that I like him though? Because when I pass by his friends look at me and smile and he also laughs and smiles i have this feeling they tease him maybe..and being shy myself at such an awkward situation i ignore him even though he might be looking at me I cant look in his eyes if his friends are around..same is his case..he wont look at me when i am with my friends..and just pass by like a complete stranger..ususally i am such a social person..but dont know what happens to me around him..i hate this feeling!Plus we hardly see each other and when we do either he acts weird or i do..which totally confuses me more..do you guys think i should give up and focus on my career?it always comes down to this since both of us are career focussed and nerds..

I think it's too early to say whether or not he likes you.


Keep saying hi and calling him by name and ask him a question sometime and go from there.

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