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Would you break up with somone who called you a horrible name


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Been dating this girl for a month, things have been going really well, I was just starting to really like her.


Then tonight i went to pick her up from a bar. She kept me waiting outside for 20 minutes (granted she was drunk). When I called to ask her if she was still coming out, she said she was, then I overheard her say to her friends: "that f'n ahole just hung up on me!" (she for some reason thought I had hung up, I hadn't).


Would you all break up with someone who called you that behind your back to their friends?

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I would be upset and hurt by the comment, but I don't believe I would end things.


Now, if I was called the "C" word, I would break up with them because I find that word terribly offensive and in my book, that is a deal breaker.


But it's really your call. Does her calling you that make it a deal breaker?

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eh I know it may sound rude that she said that to you... I know I will feel piss and angry that a person said that to me, but like you said she was drunk so she probably was drunk. But you have to rethink, if she's the girl you want to be with. I am a girl, and typically I think most guys don't like girls cussing. It's a turn off. I don't know if you smoke, but some guys don't like it when girls smoke because it's a turn off. They expect girls to behave themselves and act like a girl and not do anything inappropriate.


You could continue to date her for a little longer to see if she is really the person you want to be with, but you only dated her for a month and just because it's been going really well with her, you have to reconsider carefully.

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Some people do some pretty horrible stuff when drunk. I would personally store that in the upstairs safe and let it go. Get enough of those in the safe and they all will come out. Though I would bring it up with a sober girl to see what she has to say the next day.

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I think I would wondering if someone who gets drunk like that and leaves me waiting with no consideration for my time is someone I would want to go out with.


I was just about to write something very similar. Is she in the habit of getting drunk and being inconsiderate? Or was this a one time thing? If you stay together, make sure she isn't in the habit of treating you like this when she's drinking..

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Nope, I actually would find it funny. I'd say "The a-hole is still on the phone silly." and laugh.


Come on, she was drunk and had thought you hung up on her. Unless you are a teenager or super sensitive there really is no reason to break up, at least thats what I think.

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