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Ran into the ex gf at a party,,, What should i have done,,, Heres what i did

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So i saw her at my friends bday party along with her best friend whom i havent seen since the breakup. Its been about 1yr 1/2. Long story short, i was there for my friend not her. Previous to this the ice was broken on her part by another engagement we both had to attend so its not the first time i speak to her since the break up.


I got to the party a little late and just went around saying wassup to everyone including her and her best friend.... Nothing crazy just hey wassup & a kiss on the cheek and kept it moving. We all played games and danced and a few times i had to interact with her during the games. Every time i did i would joke around and flirt a little and kept it moving. I was having fun with everyone else there and just had a good time. THere was no awkwardness anymore atleast on my part. We even said bye,, again very light flirting and teasing and even her friend was having a laugh with me and it ended there. Are last few interactions have been this way with her being receptive,,, very receptive according to a mutual friend,, to my jokes and flirting.


I just look at it as 2 people, who have mature and moved on enjoying each others company while doing some catching up via texting.


I guess what i want to know is,, did i come off needy?,, is the light flirting and joking around bad?,,, Her reaction was positive. She would joke back with me and she would laugh. There is a lil pride in me that wants her to see ive moved on and the rest of me actually doesnt stress it much... this party was like 2 weeks ago,,, a recent convo with a friend of mine had me curious to think what others opinions were my interactions with the ex. So please let me know what you guys think on how i handled myself. I tried not to make the mistakes that make me look needy and insecure.

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Yeah, I think it went just fine. Really, what appropriate behavior is on the part of one person is very much dependent on the actions & reactions of others. For example, if she had come up to you immediately & told you to leave her alone, not look or talk to her the whole night, than it may have seemed a bit odd that you were still friendly to her & could be interpreted as trying to get her attention. Now, that's an extreme example which would have been totally irrational on her end anyway.


Since she was so friendly and receptive to your presence and actions, I think it was fine. Hiding out in the corner of the room would have been a sure way to not appear needy at all, but definitely wouldn't have been the right answer. It sounds like it went well, and it's been a long time since the breakup anyway so I wouldn't care what her opinion was in the first place.

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