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Guy was nice but had greasy looking hair


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This is really awkward. Am supposed to be going on a date with a guy I met and he has greasy looking hair!

Now I think it is likely that he puts something on it, like product, that makes it look like that (or at least I hope so), because he seemed very clean otherwise!. The thing is that I cannot be touching greasy hair if I end up kissing him or whatever and it's so easily fixable.

What can I do..I don't want to cancel because of it, but it is a turnoff.

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It's funny how little things can be deal-breakers sometimes!....but yes, greasy hair would be a turn-off for me too. If I knew it was product, I think I could put up with it though.


How much do you like this guy? Sometimes you just have to wait for your moment.


When I first met my husband, he had a habit of brushing his naturally curly hair straight into a very nerdy looking style. It didn't look good, but it wasn't right for me to say anything at that stage in our relationship. About a month later, he came out of the bathroom with his hair damp and curling naturally. "Paul, your hair looks great as it is. Why do you straighten it?", he shrugged, "I don't know, I thought it looked better. " I shook my head, "I like it better when it's natural." It's been curly ever since.


Choose your moment without being hurtful!

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Thanks elcie! Yeah but think of Robert Pattinson, he was known for having greasy hair and still a major sex symbol. This guy is very in shape etc, I'm sure it's not dirty hair, it doesn't fit with what else I know about him.

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Does his hair look stringy and clumped together with an intense shine? He may just be one of those people who produce a lot of natural scalp oil, but it doesn't mean his hair is dirty. If he is using a product he may be using pomade, which is mainly mineral oil and petroleum/petrolatum jelly which would give off that greasy look

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A couple of my exes had greasy hair but a bit long hair too so it was that grunge look. Is it like that? I actually like it when it's a bit off or bit dirty, it's more natural and kinda homely. I think go on more dates if you like him and as elcie said you can choose the right moment to mention something.

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