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Hi all,


Well here I am 6 months in posting a thread whilst on holiday in Turkey.


I'm pleased to say that I know that my previous relationship is dead and that I'm passed her and don't want her back.


I'm posting because I made a last minute decision to get away for 10 days, I'm in Turkey, its very hot and very peaceful, I am though alone, I have so much time on my hands which you'd think would be a good thing, its not, truth is I feel alone, my friends, family and all the things with the exception of you guys seem a million miles away, I wish id have stayed at home, don't think I was quite ready for this. I guess you live and learn.


Happy healing everyone, don't make my mistake.



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Yeah totally understand that. It is the kind of place I would want to go with a partner and although in some ways it has probably done you good, you may be feeling a bit homesick given all the emotional trauma you've had. Hope you manage to get an earlier flight if that is what you want. Will see you posting back on here in due course I'm sure. Look after yourself.

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Steve i was planning a holiday on my own to get over my ex, forget, whatever supose to do...but thought that i probably end up in the same situation as you are. Right now i still associate travel to sharing that adventure with someone and that would indeed make me sad.


On the positive side you did it, you had the guts to do it. Keep venting one here and try to find interesting activities to do there. I trully understand what you are going through and im sure its painfull!!


all the best

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look - you're on holiday - stop feeling bad for yourself. go find something fun to do. i have so much work to do this weekend otherwise my boss will kill me. i would love to have a week to just relax, read some books, go around turkey, etc.... enjoy it and make the best of it!!!

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Travelling alone is amazing!!!

You get to do things you wouldn't usually get to do with other people!

You can Be who you want to be!!!

DO what you want to do!!!!


It's better to meet cool people when ur alone too!

Get out there and Be someone you want to be.

ANYONE you want!!!


i travelled for 7 years on my own and met 100's of interesting people and dated loads of great girls!

Best time of my life!

I plan to travel/holiday again and if I had the choice, seriously.... on my own, any day of the week!


Go have a drink at the bar and eye up some girls.

Hit the beach and read a book.

See some sights, see some live music!

nobody knows you!

meet someone new!


I'm jealous!! Totally!

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Hello Annie,


How's the super moderator today? Did you get that work finished?


I feel better today, managed to bring my flight forward to Thursday which helped, also had a Turkish bath and cut throat shave, I've never been so clean


I like turkey and the people but picture somewhere with nothing to do and nowhere to go then double the boredom, I'm there. Tabs looking good though.

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With all that free time at hand I would find a nice spot somewhere in the shade and catch up with reading all those books that I never got around to.


Just try to focus on the beauty of where you are and that you don't have to work. Don't focus on the things that you don't have

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Heya Steve - some advice! I was just in Korea with friends, but due to my recent BU I still felt horribly alone and sad. I made myself enjoy what I could, missed out on other awesome times. End result?


I regret not having enjoyed the things that I could have. I know I couldn't have changed things.... butttt... still, do what you can. Take pleasure in the smallest things - a tasty mango (if they have mangos in Turkey), or a street kid doing something fun. Smile at the good things, the little good things.


When you get back, you'll be glad that you appreciated the things that you did, even if they were small!

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also had a Turkish bath and cut throat shave, I've never been so clean


Really??? ;-)


Turkish baths are lovely!


Which resort are you close to? Is there really no way you could get there and book yourself onto some tours. They can be fun sometimes and you will get to see some of the local sites?

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