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It has been 9 months since my world fell apart and thru the pain the questions the begging and rejection, I have been feeling better and better.

I got NC forced upon me cause my dumper changed his number and email...the ultimate stab to the heart! He met someone else(a teenager) and left me behind. So I had no real closure.

During this time, I have heard all the stories of his new life, all about his new GF, and recently seen pictures of the two of them on Facebook.

Him looking rough and gained weight and her straight white trash, no class looking girl.

I think it helped to face the cold truth, he has moved on and is living happy with someone else and have it all in my face to help me realize how lucky I am to have survived this horrible time in my life, when I never thought I would make it thruand Now when I look at his face, I dont feel love, I dont cry, I am numb.

I no longer find him attractive, I actually could never accept him as a friend ever again. He killed all the love I had for him and it feels great!

So what I am saying maybe some of you needs to face the truth like I did because it has got me to the point where I feel like he really never exisited but only a fantasy in my mind. Maybe this is meaning I am over him, I dont know, but I can say, I dont care if he fell off the face of the earth right now

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