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Hi i have been seeing this girl for about 7 months and i am now having thoughts about ending it but i am struggling to make up my mind about it. I saw d20's post of pros and cons and thought i would make one of my own. i was just wondering what you guys think, i really need some help with this as i just cant make up my mind. thanks




Sexy smile

Good fun

Good sense of humour

Not afraid to get hands dirty


Have a lot in common

Never complains

Amazing hair

Likes being outdoors

Doesn’t ask for things or want expensive stuff


Good idea what she wants to do in the future

Has an amazing soft voice

Good Cook

Excellent driver

Easy to keep a conversation going with

Really cool parents

Enjoy spending time with her






Doesn’t make a great deal of attempt to contact me

Sometimes takes days to return texts or calls

No Sex

Does not like public displays of affection

Her goals in life vary slightly from mine

Sometimes acts spoilt

Always has to have her make up on

Can be too shy sometimes

Difficult to make her open up to me

Sometimes acts like a child

Can be difficult at times

Moody occasionally

Rarely compliments me about anything

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I think you should also make a list if what you want and what you need in a relationship and compare it to your pros and cons list.


You should also consider if something doesn't match up, can you talk to her about it? Have you expressed to her that you'd like to see her often and communicate more? That you want to receive compliments? A relationship is all about communication.

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thats a good idea i think daligal i do need to talk to her and see whats going on and also evaluate what i need to get out of a relationship. The whole sex thing doesnt really bother me as she doenst want sex before marrige and it never really bothered me but now i come to think of it it kind of does but it isnt an important factor at this moment in time

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