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I want to be happy but how?


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I want to be happy but I dont know how. I want my relationships with my friends to be close. I want my boyfriend to notice me. I want to enjoy getting up each morning to go to work. I want to stop listening to the negative thoughts in my head. I want to stop crying and feeling down all to time. I want my life to mean something. I want to find my place in this world. But how?

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I think that being happy is wonderful goal, and, as you said, it comes from a lot of different parts of your life. Close relationships, good attitude, purpose, significance.


Gratitude is one way towards happiness. Just looking around at your life and finding three things every day to be thankful for will improve your mood.


Another is figuring out why things aren't as you want them, then taking steps to improve them. Why do you not feel close to your friends? Do not reveal your feelings to them? Do you have friends who aren't very caring?


It takes time to improve things, but don't give up. You will see progress if you put some effort into the right things.

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One of the connections I've made recently personally is between my own unhappiness/happiness and the degree of meaning I find in what I am doing and involved with in my life.


Seems my happiness is quite literally in parallel with when I am working or living to some meaning.


It's all highly personal. It has to mean something to you. Doesn't matter about anyone else.


Sluff off what means little or nothing or has negative meaning as appropriate.

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There is a balance in life. It is meaningful to pursue what you love. It is also worth the effort to try to love what you do or have. No one will ever have the perfect life, nor the perfect situations in life (perfect marriage, perfect kids, perfect health, perfect job, etc.). Realistically, the best way to be happy is to accept that life will be rough around the edges. Love what you can about it, change what you can about it and set goals for yourself.

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