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  1. Every week we go for family dinner at my parents place. Majority of the time it is good, I get to catch up with my siblings and parents and my kids (5yr old and 6 month old) get to see the family. Last night we were discussing something where my dad said asians respect their elders but westerners don’t (We are Asian but have grown up in a western society). Anyway he was in the wrong. During the argument he made me feel like I was not bringing up my kids in the correct way and it felt like he was saying I was a bad parent (he didn’t say that but I felt that). Then for the rest of the night
  2. My friends dad passed away. I am conflicted whether to attend the funeral or not. I dont know his dad and have only met him once. If I attend it would be to support my friend. The thing is he is a friend from college and we have caught up over the years but lately I have not been feeling close to him. When we do see each other he likes to talk about himself and rarely asks about me. If his dad didn’t pass I don’t think I would want to see him again. I feel truly saddened that his dad has gone and feel guilty not going as a few college friends are attending.
  3. I have a group of college friends, 4 of us. We'll call them A, B, C, and me. A recently came back home to visit and asked to meetup. On the morning of the meetup, B said she was sick so cancelled. We found out that was just an excuse and she wasnt really sick. A few months later we organised another meetup and B 'was busy'. At that meetup, C told us that B was pregnant and more than 12 weeks along. I had actually just had a miscarriage a couple of weeks before but didnt tell any of them. In a way I was glad she wasnt there as I dont know if I could have held it together. The thing is B and I w
  4. Any suggestions on how I should approach him for a referral? What should I say in the email?
  5. I know but in my workplace other bosses I know would have done the right thing and at least let them know a few weeks in advance. I mean I have been working with him for a long time.
  6. Yes I feel he should have reached out to me at least after HR did. My last day was before Xmas. I won’t be going into work again if I don’t have to.
  7. I am on a yearly contract and my job is dependent on funding. We normally get notified by nov/early dec if our contract is renewed for the following year. I have been at my workplace for over 7 years with the same boss. From Nov I have been asking my boss every week if my contract will be renewed. He said that we were still waiting to hear back. On my last day of work for the year my boss acted like we may still get funding and he was expecting me to come back in the new year if we get the funding. The next day I get an email from HR saying that my contract won’t be renewed as we are unlikely
  8. My parents have always compared my siblings and I to others, particularly to do with grades. It seemed to stop when we became adults. Now I have a child and I feel they are doing the same to my child. They dont say it directly but they say things like "A's grandson was walking at 9 months". "A's grandkids can speak chinese so well, play the piano....etc..." They are not saying why cant my child be more like them but I feel like they are comparing. I mean my child is only 17 months and can only say a few words at the moment. But when my parents make comments about their friends grandkids, i
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