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me &' my ex broke up in may of 09' and just started talking again in march of 10' . we stopped talking a month later because he races which makes it hard for us to talk and hang out . he told me before he met this new girl haley ( same name as me , but wihout the i ) he said that he really liked her &' has changed his ways such as he wouldnt cheat on her like he did to me . theyve stopped talking &' now me and him are "talking" again . hes the only guy that still gives me those butterflies before &' after i see him , but the only thing is we cant date . thats what he says atleast just because hes soo busy with his races which means he travels all over the U.S , hangs out with his other friends , and has a full ride scholarship to college . those are the only reasons why we "cant" date . he'll start calling me "his baby" which makes me get those butterflies but i dont want to have those , atleast not with him . we have so much history together and ive tried to move on but i just cant . its like if he ever talks or hangs out with another girl ill get jealous &' its only with him .

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Looks like he's keeping you in reserve.


Why don't you just cut all contact with him? Sure it'll hurt, but you've said yourself you don't want to feel these things with him.... easiest solution... don't talk to him.


Sounds so easy on paper huh? Good luck.

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He's keeping you on the periphery because apparently things didn't work out with Haley (which is why you didn't speak for 10 months, I am assuming?).


I would have nothing to do with him, if you can do that.....besides, don't you want someone you can actually go out with?


Yup...I'm with D24 on this.

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