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Well, I've returned to ENA. About a year ago I was dumped by a long-term boyfriend at the same time that I was diagnosed with a breast tumor. I had the surgery within a few weeks of this happening. Later, during my fall semester I got tonsilitus, a staph infection, and had to have surgery over Christmas break.


But, I made it!


My ex used to tell me that I wasn't bright or pretty! What a liar. He was just trying to feel better about himself! Now I am a senior in college with a sweet boyfriend and I'm studying to go to Law School next year! I have two great jobs for the summer and I can't wait to graduate.


So, to everyone: You will get through things. They will get better in time!


I just thought that I would post this as a positive message. I am so thankful to be happy and healthy. I feel very blessed!

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