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Almost Lover.. Is he gay??!?!

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Okay well I have known this guy for over 15 years. We grew up next door to eachother and have been best friends forever. Everyone says we are made for eachother. As children, we would play games where he would be a guy and i would be his girlfriend, but im a guy (weird i know lol). We are now both 18, and still friends.. but not as close. He claims he is straight, and he still doesnt know im gay (officially). He is very masculine, and has had many girlfriends in the past, but none recently. About 2 years ago we hooked up 4 times. I gave him oral sex.. but we never kissed. The last time we did it, he tried to have sex with me, but i refused. Ever since then we have never mentioned it, and he still assumes i am straight (dumb, i know). Well im discovering that i have feelings for him, but i have no clue what to do. HE has girlfriends.. but his relationships only last a few weeks. A few people think he is gay, and some have even told me that they think he likes me. He doesnt act gay at all, but he makes gay sexual jokes alot, especially to me. But i think that even if he was gay, he wouldnt admit it to himself or anyone else, because he has to much pride. (like he seriously would never tell ANYONE) I really need advice on this...


Do you think he is gay, straight, bi, etc??

Should I tell him im gay and see what happens??

Should I confront him about his sexuality??



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I would focus on 1) remaining friends with him and 2) work on coming out of the closet and working out your own situation first. That would involve coming out of the closet, accepting yourself, etc. Even if he is gay neither of you appear to be in a position where a relationship could flourish. You should work on straightening out your own situation first, IMO.

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god, only gay people give other guys oral sex, i think he should know that. ok your gay, nothing bad about that. he IS! gay only getting girls because he thinks other people will think its right. i bet he deosent enjoy the company of his girlfriend as much as you, just keep thinking that, when he splits up with her when he realises he likes you its because you gave him so much more than she did 2 years ago, you had the guts to do it he enjoyed it and he IS! gay and cant live with it. simple as that. you need to get that into his mind somehow.

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god, only gay people give other guys oral sex, i think he should know that.


I'd disagree and say that sexuality is a spectrum. This guy could be gay, bisexual, or even predominantly straight but just happens to enjoy sexual contact with certain guys. We really don't know.

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