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Friend's boyfriend having surgery Monday


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And I'm at a loss of how to be there for her or offer support. I'm basically broke, I'll have some money when I sell my books back but do I send flowers, head to Rochester I'm in the Mpls. area. I really want to be there for her in her time of need, because it meant a lot to me when she came to my dad's funeral two states away. So what do I do? I already told her I'd pray for him. What do you suggest? He'll be in the hospital for 5 days I'm told. Her parents are coming down at the end of the week his parents are coming down Sunday he goes in Monday.


On a sidenote: My daughter's surgery this morning went smoothly and I'm so relieved.

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SO happy to hear your daughter's surgery went well!!!


I would send a nice, personal card and some flowers. I don't see any need to travel there if it's not serious. Or, since she'll be at the hospital a lot and not have time for cooking, get her some sort of restaurant gift certificate so they don't have to worry about food for a meal.

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Explain your situation if you feel t necessary for her to know and send a card with flowers. You an also make a hamper, you don't need to purchase one. Get a woven basket, you can find these often at some sort of dollars stores. Stock it up with a few items of fruit, some jam, crackers and snacks. Send it away. I'm sure they will appreciate it.

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