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How to turn my LDR boyfriend on?


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My boyfriend and have been dating for 4 years, and spend tons of time together until the beginning of this year, he had to take a job a few hours away. Now I see him twice a month...sometimes we meet halfway for a night.

We were always very sexual active, and have tons of fun in the bedroom.

I miss him all the fun so much.

What are some good ideas to keep him excited with all the miles between us.

What kind of e-mails or txt's?

For the guy's what kind of talk would turn you on, even if she isn't right there?

Is naughty fine with you? what is too much? or not enough?

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i was in a ldr and we would frequently send dirty texts, have phone sex, have webcam sex.


texts would get very explicit. just tell him what you'd do to him if he was there.... or tell him what you just did while thinking about him.

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ask him, not us. It's an individual preference.

My ldr guy and I usually jump on each other when we finally have a weekend together. now that he's complained that the relationship lacks complexity because visits usually turn into booty calls I don't know if I should pack my garter belt or not. But that's something he and I have to work out--no one else can explain how this guy feels.

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I can say the phone sex I have with my LDR boyfriend is by far the best sex I have ever had in my life.


Just get very descriptive in the texts. Tell him what you would be doing to him or want him to do to you, set a scenario and work from there. You tell a little of what happens and then hand him the reigns, switch back and forth. Lots of dirty talk too.


Oh, and visual aides such as pictures help.


As for going 'over the line' that has to be between you two. I personally don't use the more crass words when describing stuff, that's just a personal preference for me.

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Texts and emails - tell him exactly what you want to do with him.


- Let him know that you're getting wet thinking of him.

- You're wearing something sexy or walking around the house naked.

- That the next time he sees you, he's allowed to do anything and everything his heart desires (within reason, lol).

- You've been really naughty and you need to be punished.

- Tell him you can't wait to feel him inside of you.


I'm pretty sure you can come up with something and your bf would love it.

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