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So here's the thing..

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, however he pulled out just before he came and then continued with a condom.. and I am not on the pill. Could pre-cum cause me to become pregnant even though it was just after my period that I had sex?

I've become soo much more hungry than I usually am in my average day-to-day life, I'm late on my period, I've become so much more tired than I usually am, but am not recieving any other symptoms of pregnancy.. What could this mean? Should I just wait a few more days and see if I receive my period and is this nothing to worry about? Or should I do one of those tests?

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It's always a possibility you'll get pregnant from unprotected sex.


How late is your period? Do they always come like clockwork? Is there a lot going on in your life that could cause you to stress out? (Which would cause all of your symptoms in and of itself.)


Once you're a full week late, I think you should definitely go get a test. But don't stress about it; you'll only throw your body out of whack.

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I've heard worrying about being pregnant can actually make your period late! And sometimes if you are looking for symptoms you already know about, you can almost cause them to happen, you know? At the same time... bad idea to have sex without a condom!! Not only because you could get pregnant, but also because of an array of STDs & STIs. I can't imagine picking up something at your young age, then having to tell every single partner for the rest of your life that you have an STD, so they can make a fully informed decision about whether or not they want to have sex or a relationship with you. I know I would probably skip out on dating someone if I knew early on they had herpes or something. Anyway, that's my lecture for the day.


Try not to stress about it; it is beyond your control at this point. Take a pregnancy test, probably 1-3 weeks after your period was due? I've never been pregnant, I don't know exactly when. But anyway, the odds are you are not pregnant, though there is always that chance. Don't make a habit of this!

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How long ago did this happen, and how late are you now?


Yes, there is always a risk when having unprotected sex, always, no matter how small. If he misjudged by a fraction of a second before pulling out, that's all it takes, and yes, there could be traces of sperm in pre-cum, which adds to the risk factor.


Depending how late you are, you may have to take a test, or wait and see if it's not that long ago.

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theres an incredibley small chance you could've gotten pregnant from pre-cum...

And i know what its like to think you're pregnant and then your mind goes crazy thinking everything you feel is a sign of pregnancy... I still do that all the time. But I wouldnt worry about it if i were you

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