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It's Time To Go!


When I first joined this forum, one dark night in March, 4 years ago, I never, ever thought I’d be here long enough to write 1000 posts. It was just a quick stop, looking for answers, looking for anything in the lost deserted world I had just found myself in. That night I was in desperate need for some advice, something uplifting, and something to get me through ‘til morning. My girlfriend had just left me after 1.5 years together.


The first thing I learnt about was No Contact. I had already initiated it but the more I read about it the more it made sense to me. I wanted this girl back and I was willing to do anything to get her back; even the hardest thing imaginable.


For six weeks, in strict NC, I plagued this forum. I never left it. I read post after post after post and any time I needed encouragement or advice I would start a new thread. I still remember the guys who were here back then. MajorD23, Scruff and Enolaton were the 3 guys who helped me the most. They too were going through the same thing.


After 6 weeks of NC, my ex came back. I sent her a funny text one day, got a simple response and left it at that. I thought it was done, until the following day when she text me and it all went from there. We got back together in a rush of love and it was absolute bliss. We ended up moving in together, getting two dogs and getting engaged. It was heaven; or was it?


At the beginning of 2009 it all came apart again. Things hadn’t been right between us for a couple of months but I never thought it could break us. We had made a pact that if things went wrong again, that we would fight for us and not let it break us again. But break us it did and my ex was in the arms of another within days of leaving, again. Me, I was back on ENA!


What ensued was 12 months of agony, tears, regret, and heartbreak; everything a lot of you are going through right now. I felt ever tear that trickled down my cheeks. I was on meds for depression, my weight plummeted and I never, ever thought I’d get out of it. Every last part of me crumbled into an abyss of misery.


But here I am 14 months on and still breathing, surviving and back dating again. My world has turned 360 and I feel a new lease of life again. I have almost found myself, the guy I was over six years ago, before my ex and I got together.


My ex is long gone. We still have mutual friends but I have whittled it down to the last few, important ones. I have removed her from as many parts of my life as possible. She’s hidden in every possible way on facebook and every reminder of her in my house has gone.


I had been toying with the idea of leaving the forum for some time, but figured the 1,000 post mark would be a fitting figure (given my username!) to bow out on. I need to go simply because, even though I’m mostly over my ex, I need to leave the break-up mindset behind to fully move on and appreciate the here and now, instead of dwelling on what I have left behind.


My story (every tear!) is well documented on here under the 88 threads I have started over the past 4 years. So anyone wanting to read a ‘story’ then go for it. YOu may just find something you can relate to.


I’ve met some wonderful people on here in that time too. And some of them I’d even consider friends. I’m on facebook under link removed if any of you want to add me and chat but I won’t be posting on here any more; not for the foreseeable future anyway.


I wish each and every one of you the luck and happiness you deserve. We may yet speak again! Farewell ENA. It’s been emotional.

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I haven't been here long but I know this name. I know it because your posts have been inspiring to me and have helped me when I have been at my lowest. You probably didn't know that


Good luck my friend May the forks be with you.

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Thank you so much from all of us for writing the detailed post. I haven't followed your story from the beginning but I can imagine what you have been through.


You are very strong and an inspiration to many others.


I am sorry you wont' be posting on ENA anymore but I am happy for you and wish you the best. Maybe someday you can come back and post more success stories from your life


Take care.


By the way, your name has 1000... was this (leaving at 1000) planned when you joined?

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By the way, your name has 1000... was this (leaving at 1000) planned when you joined?


I think he mentioned in his OP that he never thought he'd be here that long. Kinda poetic, 1000 posts. As long as no one deletes one of their threads!!

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