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Studies: Pull out Method maybe not as bad


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Food for thought everybody, heard about this recently thought id share the link.

Basically it states the pull out method may not be as bad as once thought. It can be almost just as safe as condoms.


share your thoughts.


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well u know in a past relationship with an ex , we did pull out method for a year.... nothing. no birth control.


lol...I was being incredibly sarcastic. Sorry. My personal opinion of brith control is that it's all crap. lol People get pregnant when they're tubes are tied, on the pill, on the patch, on Mirena or other IUD's. Everyone is different. So, if you and your partner have found a method that works for you and you are confident in it, stick with it. Who am I to judge? But just remember that when you change partners, the new one could be more fertile than the last, so you'll want to be really careful until you are confident in the pull out method again.


Oh, and I really do love baby pics.

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well its saying its prone to human error, this is only nearly as good as condom when performed properly, self control.


I dont think you should use just this method.


condoms do break, things can leak out though..there not 100percent neither

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It is still roulette anyway you look at it. Just because it worked with one person and for one instance of time does not mean it will always work. I know HORDES of people who got pregnant this way and more than once. All it takes is ONE sperm. Some women too are so fertile you sneeze on them and they get pregnant.

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doesnt having sex regardless just take that one time?


Condoms arent that great, i do think birth control should be used with another method.[/QUOTE]


alot more safer then the pull out method.....hey if you want to go for it...i will stick with whats been working for me...and so far i have no kids...

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Obviously it's better than nothing. In my opinion, if you REALLY don't want to have a baby, it's two methods of protection all the way. I think it's irresponsible and incredibly selfish to use an ineffective method of contraception when you are not ready to have a child, just because it "feels better" or you are too lazy to seek proper protection.

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From the figures that I have read a condom if worn correction is approximately 99% effective.


The withdraw method if done correctly is approximately 80% effective.


It seems to me that there is a large margin for error and condoms are still 19% more effective than the withdraw method.

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I have quite a few friends who are using the pull out method only, one of them for about 10 years, the other maybe 5, and none of them has gotten pregnant yet. I 've never relied solely on it, but apparently it's more effective than a lot of people think. I can see myself relying only on this method with the person I'm going to get married.

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