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Hello all at Enotalone, long time no see...


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Dear All,


Just thought I would log in and place a small note to say hello. Havent been on here for a while as been quite busy dealing with that thing called life, as we all are. I'm thinking that I may not need enotalone in my life quite as much as before....


Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I lost our baby at 10 weeks. It was a missed miscarriage and we were both so devastated. We have coped well with the loss I feel, but it was a very hard time. Its totally changed our lives and our outlook. We are closer than ever now, have plans in place, and get along so much better too. We have totally sorted out our money situation and are now "as one" in that respect, each with our own pocket money so to speak.


We know that a baby is what we want, but first, we will be moving home to a better location and a cheaper location to get a better quality of life.


Some days are so hard when I think about what we lost and how I long to have it again. Life meant something for the first time. The whole event has totally changed me, and we both wish our baby was still here with us and growing older each day...


Hope you are all well my friends. xx

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Thank you all, they really are better. Its like its made us grow up so much and look at everything differently. My Boyf was so amazingly supportive throughout the whole ordeal. We cannot wait to have another baby.


I am glad it made you closer together It usually does one of two things. Brings you closer or blows you apart. I am glad it is working out so much for the better and he is supportive, that is vital after. You have a shoulder here if you need one.

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I have learned that in many cases things happen for a reason which you don't always understand right away. There was a lot of unhappiness and stress in your relationship even after the two of you found out about the baby. The loss of the baby, while very tragic, resulted in the two of you coming together and realizing what is important in life..it has made you stronger as a couple and that will be so much better when the time comes and the two of you have a new baby. I am sorry for your loss but I am happy something positive came out of it.

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Thanks CBD, that is what a lot of people have said and we have both said it, that this baby, though it is no longer around, gave us a great gift which we will always be thankful for. Love that baby so much, even though it never happened xxxx

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