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  1. Documentary as opposed to movie... "After The Screaming Stops" - Bros Please watch before you judge haha. Brought back great memories, but also contains the most raw and honest footage of love and relationships.
  2. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending hugs, peace and kindness for 2019.
  3. A bit of Taylor Swift. A bit of The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Must be the sun..
  4. Sad for you BecxyRex ^ I'm always a fan of Germany. I haven't really got into this tournament so far. I was enjoying watching Iceland's fans!
  5. Very funny thread. I thought I had loads but I must be mellowing with age.. People who leave dishes in the sink. When I need to use the sink, I don't want to have to move dirty dishes. I don't even care if they can't wash them at once, just leave them on the side! When people ask (or worse, just help themselves) to read books/magazines that I have just bought and haven't read yet. NO. Spelling mistakes on company signs. I actively avoid dealing with them.
  6. Roast chicken, salad and homemade coleslaw but this... sounds much more appealing!
  7. Haha, somehow I think my recognition is as much as you're gonna get. Always good to see you still around the board. Radio5live - only way I can follow the Federer v Nadal match...Eek!
  8. ^Superman, you've reached Platinum status! I remember a time you thought you'd never reach Gold Christine & the Queens - Here
  9. Adore this artist/album [video=youtube;WbO_NQaKa2U] ]
  10. Love the 101 album. I used to have it blaring from the moment I woke up right up to stepping off the school bus.. [video=youtube;pi8YOgrF4F4] ]
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