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Working for a head manager who doesn't like you?


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I recently got a job at Petland, about 2 weeks ago. I came in there enough as it was, about 1-2 times a week and when I was there even in normal clothes, people thought I worked there and would ask me questions. I loved helping people.


However, since I have been there I have found the working environment VERY un-agreeable.


I quit my job of 8 months at the dress store, the most stable one I've had thus far I might add, only because I wasn't getting enough hrs.


I thought Petland would be a good place to work to put my knowedge of animals to good use.


The head manager there always scared me, even before I worked there she never seemed to like me.


Her boss however does like me and is very nice to me.


She said people have been complaining about me, about things I didn't even do. I feel like some people are out to get me and tripping me up so I will get in trouble, I'm still new! I've already had the "talk"


I want to keep this job, I'm getting good hrs. But I don't exactly like the idea that if I don't make the amount of comission they want each pay period, I could loose my job, especially if you have slow days, which is the case many times in this economy.


Today my manager called me into the office when some one told her I wrote my number on a fish sale. I did no such thing. She said she was furious with me before hearing my side of the story. When I told her I didn't do it, she didn't believe me and called the other girl that helped me with the sale. When the other girl told her that it wasn't me that did it, and she infact did and we both agreed to split the sale, she did not apologized but continued the "There's more" bit and went on about how my sales are lacking, (2nd week there...)And how I MUST have ADHD because I say stupid things etc and can't seem to concentrate and how she hasn't liked what she's seen and how other people have complained about me.


This really bothers me. Yes, I do have ADHD but I am a very good sales person and I had ONE mishap about confusion of sales, which I was still in training at that point, and than went to apologize profusely to that person and we have made amends, and the manager still thinks I am a sale stealer etc.


I was than yelled at for working with a lady and was telling her the macaw was a scarlet perhaps mixed with Green Wing (what I had gotten from an another employee) And she went on, "You can't just make crap up, you don't know everything, I know you think you do, but you don't." I never said I knew everything, infact far from it.


I always ask her questions, and she looks at me like I'm totally retarded, and talks to me matter of factly, and God forbid ask her again to repeat something or further explain and I feel like a idiot.


I want this job to work, I really really do.


I just don't know if I can deal with the instability though, the constant fear of loosing my job. I've been told that not everyone makes comission given the economy and to get on the good side of the manager. But she hates me,I can't win with her. Everything I do is wrong in her eyes and I'm afraid to ask any questions, I mean what can I do??


I'm afraid of her, I literly sweat bullets everytime she is near and hope she isn't working when I am (which is always the case) I don't know why people keep telling on me when I'm doing things wrong, or not meaning to.


I feel like the ADHD comment was really un called or an insensitive.


I feel like crying right now, not to mention I'm mega hormornal.


What can I do??

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I also forgot to mention that I am becoming depressed working this job and feeling discouraged, and will continue to be unless something changes.


I don't sit around and do nothing. I bust butt and do everything my head manager tells me to do.


I've come home with gaping scrapes, and skin infections etc. My mom is quite upset about it and says I should be able to wear handeling gloves and they should pay for the bill when I have to go to the hospital for skin infections and they don't pay me enough to get like this.


I model, it doesn't look pretty to get cuts, bruises, and bloody scapes, not to mention smell like dog crap/pee etc, but I put up with it.

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I have gotten injured. Yesterday I broke skin putting the lock back in the kennel, the door got jammed and ripped the skin off my finger. I got a hefty bruise around where my previous dog bite was (not on the job) who knows how I got that though,I'm anemic.


I got majorly scratched all the way up my arm (looks like I'm a cutter) But the German Shepherd (BIG puppy) That just got let out of quaraneen RABIES Quaranteen.


Not to mention that these puppies, some of them, are very big and hard to get out and sometimes they put them on the top shelf. I have to lift them up constantly for people, we can't leash them and bring them out to people.


My mom doesn't much like that either too. Nor do I, I'm 5"3 and have to step up on a step stool to get some of the dogs and lift 40 lbs over my head etc, a live squirming kicking animal with teeth and claws.


But it's not like there is much I can do.


I started to complain, and was called a baby...

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They treat a lot of their employees well, not me. I feel A LOT of favortism is going on, and I am getting the brunt of her fury.


I'd love to go back to the dress shop but I left for a reason, no hrs. If I went back, all I'd be doing would be looking for another job.


If I went back I'd HAVE to stay, which I couldn't. I'm not going to do that to them.

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~Sigh~ Do you honestly think an animal lover like me would work for them IF that was true? Of course not! People tend to jump to conclusions without knowing the facts.


All of our dogs are AKC registered and come with a little booklet with their pedigree, breeder information, up to date shots, vet records, etc. People can't even play with the puppies when we first get them in unless a vet checks them out first. Andthe littlest thing sends them in quranteen for observation.


We take very good care of our dogs.

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My personal opinion - you have to suck it up or leave. You are still on probation so if you t-off your direct manager you will be out - and I am sure they have many people waiting to fill the position. I don't think going over her head to her boss is a wise idea, only for the fact that though they tend to say "we are here for you" and open-door policies etc - GM and DMs are too consumed by other matters to be concerned about a part-timer's "whining" (not saying that is what you are doing, but more likely how it will be perceived). Likely what they will do is route you back to your direct manager.


Now, that being said, if you feel there are elements of your job that are unsafe the company has an obligation to provide protective gear. Do they provide handling gloves and people just don't wear them? Do they actually have proceedures in place for proper handling (of animals, stock etc). Chances are they do and make sure you familiarize yourself with them and practice them - regardless of what the rest of them do. Wearing handling gloves may not look "cool" but it is more professional than rashes/scratches/scars. If you are unsure there is most likely a health and safety representative with a company that large, or an HR person you can talk to.


Good luck

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Actually I'm not on probation, or have gotten written up...


I'm still new, she just "talked" to me, but she wasn't very nice about it.


I'm not used to managers cussing so much either, I'm used to professionalism. No, they don't provide handling gear at all. A girl I know there found out she was allergic to iguanas and has a bad rash all over her arm.


Here are some "puppy scratches" from a few days ago.


image removed


image removed



And of course the ripped off skin of my finger which is hurting as I type! ouch.


image removed


These are just a few of many.

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Don't know about recent, but deffinatly had one.


Lol it was a flower...


Or, what was left of it lol....


Looked like this when I first got it, as you can tell, I don't get my nails done often!


image removed


Ruining my nails there are the LEAST of my worries though. I could care less about them, I get them done 1-2 times a year, if that...So when I do, I go all out including the flower=) But usually I keep them real short and just wear my nail polish til it chips most off than redo it. I worry more about the bruises, scratches etc...Those can't be covered up so easily.


The only thing I like about this job is the good amount of hrs I am getting and working with the animals. Some of the people are cool, but others are PURPOSELY telling me false information so I can get scolded.


Anyone have any other options for jobs?


Perhaps it is time for another resteraunt job....After Rainforest Cafe I told myself thatd be it, but I'd be okay with another one. Rainforest Cafe was the worst job I've ever had, maybe the safari outfits (wear one at Petland) is cursed! lol.


My friend mentioned a receptionist at like a doctor's/dentist office etc, how would I go about applying for a job like that?


Any other options?

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Rose, I worked in an abusive workplace for two years. My bosses hated me (and with good reason I suppose), but the money was good enough to put up with it, and I was productive enough for them to keep me on.


If the money's good enough, stick it out. If you want to like your job (which is fair enough), gelling with your colleagues is the one thing that will make or break the situation.


Either look for another petshop, or be the bigger person, try and tee up a meeting with your * * * * * -boss, and explain that you want this to work out, know that there have been misunderstandings, and issues that need to be addressed, and would like to know exactly what it is that you ned to change to be a successful part of the organisation.


Otherwise, there's not going to be a lot you can do. I'm not sure how you are when you get to a new job, but if you're outspoken, that can often land yu in hot water, and often the best policy is mouth-shut, ears/eyes open. Do the job the boss wants you to do, no matter whether you think there are better ways it could be done. At this level, in my experience, initiative is not exactly... fostered.


As far as the "injuries" go, deal with it. You work with animals, it's par for the course. Unless you feel there is an OH&S risk due to disease, just grit your teeth and ignore - they don't hurt that badly. If you do feel there's a risk, gloves may be in order, even if you have to get your own. No big deal.


I've had jobs where I've loved it, and jobs where I've hated it, but been doing it because it paid enough. Given the option, I'd rather enjoy my job. If things don't look like they'll work out here, start looking around at other places - there are bound to be plenty, and you don't want a bad work atmosphere dragging you down.

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Sorry if I wasn't clear, most companies have a probation period for all new employees (usually three months) in which either party can terminate the employment without notice. I will tell you, as a manager it came in handy quite a bit. I wasn't suggesting that something you have done has resulted in a probation or a write-up, just something that is standard in a lot of jobs.

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