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About Me

  1. For some background information, my partner and I have been together for a year and two months. We are both 18 years old. They live around a 5 hour's drive away from me, but I cannot see them often at all. We are both very depressed, have ADHD, and have/likely have autism. We had an honest talk tonight over the phone about where we are headed. They've been extra stressed recently because of college, and haven't been able to express as much affection as they would like in addition to venting to me a Lot. I've been left feeling exhausted and having my emotional needs go unmet. This has been
  2. Hi all... Back here after a while. and please, be nice. I know what I did. Part of this post is to hopefully get advice, and part of it is to really get into my head and collect my thoughts. Been dating this awesome girl for 2 years. Put a lot of effort in it, as best as I could. A small part of this relationship she had to move across the state for work. We agreed on two things, one was I would try to move out to where she was at some point (goal was within a year) and second, I would tell her if I decided to see other people (I'm not clear if we were going to do open relationship
  3. I (33F) broke up with my ADHD boyfriend (35M) a couple months ago, and am having trouble dealing with the resentment, bitterness, and guilt post-breakup. We dated for total of 6 months but have been living together (during COVID) for 4-5 months which caused many of our problems. I would describe our relationship as "death by a thousand cuts." Each issue forgivable but everything together led to a lot of negative feelings. Some of our issues - I felt very uncared for in our relationship. He informed me early on that he never dated a girl that he had to pursue which I thought was odd. Sin
  4. Everything around me doesn't feel real. It's as if all of it is happening in my mind. I am imagining everything and am not living in present. I am not able to differentiate between reality and imagination. Is there a chance that i have ADHD or fantasy prone personality? If i get to know about it a bit, I'll see a doctor. But before i want to know if these are symptoms of ADHD or any other disorder?? I have read that ADHD mostly happens to those who fantasize things in their childhood. And same is the case with me. I used to fantasize a lot because i was addicted to fictional novels. If you ha
  5. Okay. Say there was this "Person" who was with another person, and the other person, being a person, had a person. But it was only because that person was already with that person. They never left each other. It was an all day thing just being people. So what is my cause for concern? I'm a really bad conversationalist. I need to get out more. You would think I'm on drugs but I said all of this completely sober. Maybe I should get on drugs? ADHD meds? (Yes I'm being a jack a**.. bad attempt at humor. Need another funny release before I work out the final MDA of my divorce. I don't
  6. Hello everyone. I am currently in a relationship and want some input and see if you guys think this will work out. I really love this boy, but sometimes I get a feeling in my gut that this is going to crash and burn.. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Im currently on medication. My boyfriend has severe depression and has ADHD, which he is only medicated for the ADHD. We've both been to the hospital due to attempted suicide (awhile ago), so we kind of understand each other. He helps me, and I help him. HERES THE THING. His ex, who is one of the sweetest girls Ive ever talked to,
  7. My ex (as of yesterday) sent me the following as we were breaking up over text. He basically moved out while I was at work. In the 5 months we have lived together he has moved out 7-8 times. 2 at my request and the other times he moved out stating that he cannot take my nagging/criticism. I love him, he is loyal, faithful, and ambitious and the quintessential tall, dark and handsome, but I resent him. He has ADHD and he is SUPER messy and forgetful. At times I feel like I am more his mother than his girlfriend…cleaning up after him, telling him to pick up his stuff, etc. He says I crit
  8. Has anyone any experience in diagnosing a suspected ADHD child. My son is 13 this year and we suspect he could be having ADHD. we are taking him to see a family and child psychologist. what questions would I ask on this first of this appointment; how should I approach this problem and what can else can do about it.
  9. I'm looking for any previous or current litigation where a Plaintiff diagnosed with ADD/ADHD has filed a complaint of disability discrimination. Specifically, I'm interested in how the courts consider ADD/ADHD as a disability - where there has been recognition that the disorder can be an impairment to a major life function. I have filed such a discrimination complaint in the US District Court in Denver, Colorado. Any sharing of information would be appreciated. John W.
  10. Hi, I’ve been in a relationship with my partner for almost 2 years and desperately need advice. He has ADHD, is not medicated for it and no matter how many times I try to talk about it or work through the issues it is causing in our relationship, he just clams up and we never work through it. I feel lonely and shut out and don’t know what to do. I love this man so much but I don’t know how much longer I can keep going with this. Has anyone had experience in this and if so, what on earth can I do!?!? Please help!
  11. To set the scene I’m 38 years old. Up until my thirties I drifted around having lots of fun in different locations. Then when I turned 30 I suddenly had this incredible impulse to return to be near my family and have babies. For most of my thirties this became an obsession. I chose totally unsuitable men and went through boyfriends like a shark with a shoal of fish! Some of them were horrible. Then I gave up on men last year and decided to have a baby solo. That’s when I met my current partner. He’s young and fun. We became serious quite quickly. A year and a half later I’m living with him.
  12. I reconnected with a long ago love interest via the internet. We talked everyday for a few months and eventually she decided to move to my location. (We are a lesbian couple. Just don't want you to get confused by pronoun usage.) I remember having some trouble understanding her over the phone but thought it was because of a bad connection or something. I even bought a new phone because the connection bothered me. So, now that we are a couple I realize it wasn't a bad connection. She just cannot communicate very well. She has ADHD and talks a mile a minute, jumping from one topic to ano
  13. Diagnosis: ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Therapist thinks I'm Bipolar. Poor Nutrition. Probably a half or complete idiot. Treatment: Meds for ADHD, mood stabilizer, and anxiety. I will be seeing a nutritionist soon Studying: Design and about to get my BFA in May (yes I really want to be a visual artist, but my stupid emotional episodes prevent me from being successful) It's so embarrassing. I wrote a paper and realized I screwed up choosing which art piece to write about. The exhibit it is from 1900-50, and the artpiece was made in '64. I feel like I am the most irresponsible student in the
  14. Hello all, I wanted to share my experience and see if anybody else has a similar experience and what they did to overcome it. I grew up really lonely. No siblings, hardly any friends, parents passed away when I was young. I find that I spend a lot of time alone. I have lots of friends but I find myself bored a lot and craving attention. I would basically be over the top or become really needy towards women I wanted attention from. I really don't know what to do. I've been diagnosed with ADHD. I don't take my meds. I'm constantly depressed and lonely. I get out and han
  15. I have been working in a bank for five years. I joined their Graduate Scheme and I did well for the first 2 years. Then when I was promoted two years ago to my first managerial role the trouble began. I couldn't cope with the demands of the role. I was making too many errors, I lost my Senior Privileges and after an Occupational Health assessment I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I was close to being demoted. However, my new boss has been very supportive of me. He has invested a considerable amount of time in my development. I regained my Senior
  16. I have been avoiding starting this journal because it is just so cliche, and annoying to anyone else but me, and everyone who has ever fallen in love can relate to the beginning, how the mind just turns on it and turns on it. Who wants to listen to that garbage?? Yet, I keep having observations, and I am emailing myself little journal entries, and it just isn't the same. I am living in the moment, first time ever. I am responsible for myself and for nobody else, first time ever. I am whole. I haven't any idea what my blind spots are, but there must be some? That rush of excitement in
  17. So a little back story before I get into why I need help or advice or just an ear, and perhaps someone out there is going through the same thing as me. I'm the other mother you see, 2 years ago I meet and fell in live with a wonderful man who at the time was an active duty soldier, my daughter was only 5 mo old at the time and his son was 8 he is now 10. He has ADHD and some emotional issues. His biological mother put him in and out of hospitals and mental wards since he was very young, every time daddy deployed she would haul him off to some where because she didn't want to deal with him and
  18. It has never occurred to me, at any point in my life, that I could have ADHD. Then, recently, I saw a video that described what it was like living with adult ADHD, and it described me almost to a T. I have a *very* hard time concentrating on getting one thing done at a time, and it feels like a uphill battle to force myself just to get a one-page paper written. What takes my friends 1 hour could easily take me 2 to 3 hours because I am constantly getting side tracked. I start researching for school work, and before I know it, I've been on facebook for an hour, or I'm looking up recipes, or I'v
  19. Today, I may have learned that I have ADHD. I had never truly researched ADHD before. I had always just attributed the disorder to kids who can't stay focused or sit still in class. I wasn't even convinced it was real...until now. Just happened across an article. I never knew that ADHD came with the symptoms of hyperfocus, inability to get started on anything that doesn't interest me, jumping from hobby to hobby, and need for over-stimulation (high action video games, high risk activities, etc.) I'll literally fall asleep in a meeting, no matter how well rested I am upon entering. I get
  20. ENAers, help me out. I am an adhd ENTP nail biter. ADHD + ENTP makes it unnatural for me to take direction, but I have figured out some ways to help me follow better. 1. I need to internalize the lesson. I can adopt a new behavior especially well if I find a way that new behavior is rooted with in myself. 2. I can't stop. Anything. But I CAN replace old with new. If I replace nail biting with something, maybe that will work. 3. It's never gone away, but for the first time, it's bad. I've no nails left. My dad is in critical condition, my minor child is out of the country and beyond
  21. Me and my younger sister were really close when we were younger. We're still pretty close. Actually, I think out of everyone else, she feels closest to me. But she has ODD. Anxiety, depression, and ADHD all run in my family, and I got them all. Yay. Since she was young, she's always had anger issues. When I was about six, they turned to me. Then to my even younger sister. Me, my mom, and my youngest sibling are all really struggling to deal with her. I love her, but that's really what makes it hurt so much. I don't remember much about how it happened, its just a blur. But I do remember feelin
  22. So me and my bf see each other 1 a week due to his studies, we never go out to the mall, movies nothing, I can count with my my 5 fingers the times I have gone out with him he says he does not have money cause they help him for his university tuition etc, we always end up in his apartment have sex, and it has been the same routine always,as far as I know for the 2 years I have been with him,I feel empty most of the time, My bf has a disorder called adhd, which affects the relationship, but I don't feel is an excuse.
  23. My boyfriend whom I have been with for 5 years and living with for a year has ADHD. He is 29 and has come to a point in his life where it is affecting him greatly. He has not been on ADHD medication since he was in high school. It took him a long time to finish college because of having a hard time focusing. This whole year his ADHD has made him very depressed because he cannot accomplish any of his goals in life. It's so bad that he has stopped going to work. At first he took leave for 3 months but never got around to dealing with it. He has gone to therapy but did not even keep up going to t
  24. Hi guys, A few months ago, I met someone on Tinder. She initiated a conversation with me and we got on really well. Eventually, we moved away from Tinder and started texting each other. Then, she said to me that we should speak on the phone. When we first spoke on the phone, we spoke for almost three hours. It felt completely natural, fun and not as awkward as you'd imagine it would be. We did this a few more times (three/four hour calls every time) and eventually we agreed to meet up. She lives outside the city so meeting up was a bigger step than it would be had she lived locally. An
  25. Hi all, I am new here and I did a quick search for relationship forums and found this one. Here it goes if my words sound rushed that's because I am not in a good place right now. My fiance and I over and I do not know how to get over here. We were a couple for almost 5 years, we shared a home, traveled, we had some fantastic times and I thought it would never end. A little about me, I have ADHD with RSD. My ex has bipolar, ptsd. During the last two years, I have become violent when I was sleeping. I was sleep walking also and not knowing that I was. I will admit it took me too long to get
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