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About Me

  1. Hello Everyone. I have quite the long history of mental health issues that I have battled with for most of my life. I guess with it being RUOK day, I wanted to start a topic about mental health and just how bloody important it is. Where I live, I assumed that my country had a decent health care system. But reflecting on my previous treatments, I realised that it's really a wheel that keeps on spinning. I realise I am getting bad so I seek treatment. I am put onto a waiting list of up to 8 months, and by then I am a bloody mess. I go to treatment, explain my problems, get "treated" with the same treatment methods that I explained haven't worked for me in the past, give the psychologist the benefit of the doubt because it took me 8 months to see one and I really need the help, end up stagnant, try to find a new psychologist, go onto a new waiting list and convince myself I will be okay and the next psych will help me. Rinse and repeat. I'm not a doctor but I do like to do research, and i'm quite sure that having recurring depression for 14 years when you are seeing psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists isn't normal. I appear to function pretty normally from the outside, but I am constantly fighting myself. It's a damn nightmare. Speaking of nightmares, I haven't had a decent sleep in close to a year. I am struggling to keep the façade of normality up. I was in a bad place last year, but there was reason behind the madness. Now I am slipping again and I can't find a source for it. I know sometimes you have good and bad days but gee, it's 4 bad days followed by 1 or 2 good ones. I recently started seeing a psychologist who is also a doctor. He is exploring the theory that I have been misdiagnosed for years. He wants to get me in to see a psychiatrist, but that won't be happening for months, as there is a waiting list for appointments. It's better than nothing, but I can't help but feel that if I was physically ill I would be treated much sooner than with mental illness. Awareness with mental health has come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. Have you had struggles like this? What did you do to get the treatments you needed? Any advise, stories or rants are welcome.
  2. I have some symptons of it I believe. I can't concentrate on one thing for long especially on dull tasks, infact it cost me a job once(lost concentration too easily). I notice I think about stuff way toooo much, my mind is always thinking and doesn't stay on track with one thought. I get restless easily and I have some anxiety problem. I try to avoid things where I have to focus alot because I really just can't do it and sometimes just don't feel confident in my ablilities. I have trouble getting to sleep because my mind won't shut off. I don't know, it's not depression, I don't feel sad I haven't got the blues. How should I approach my doctor about this? Should I just come out and say "I think I might have Attention deficeit disorder" or should I just tell him my problems and let him decide? It's been like this for a while now but never bothered to do anything about it because I thought it was normal, but from hearing about people with ADHD they have the same problems. I don't run around like a maniac or anything like that though. What do you guys think I have, could it be ADHD? P.S. I'm 20 and male if that helps...
  3. I'm looking for any previous or current litigation where a Plaintiff diagnosed with ADD/ADHD has filed a complaint of disability discrimination. Specifically, I'm interested in how the courts consider ADD/ADHD as a disability - where there has been recognition that the disorder can be an impairment to a major life function. I have filed such a discrimination complaint in the US District Court in Denver, Colorado. Any sharing of information would be appreciated. John W.
  4. I met a girl from Hueytown at a job preparation class this week. She's super cute and has a really pretty face and short brown hair and is very, very, nice. I find myself very attracted to her, but sorry to say, all I could think about was hooking her up with my best friend! He would absolutely love her!! I guess it's because I have very strong feelings for my girl who seems to be coming back to me. Anyway, I've tried this before, and gave the wrong advice at about how to approach her,(Read my post, search for "prom" and look for "Does she...") and it didn't help my friend at all. I really shouldn't try this again, but I want them to get together and this time, I know what the girl really likes to talk about. She's very sweet, but has ADHD and i don't know how to tell him to approach her and talk to her. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but can I have some advice from someone who has it and tell me what you look for in a guy?
  5. Okay. Say there was this "Person" who was with another person, and the other person, being a person, had a person. But it was only because that person was already with that person. They never left each other. It was an all day thing just being people. So what is my cause for concern? I'm a really bad conversationalist. I need to get out more. You would think I'm on drugs but I said all of this completely sober. Maybe I should get on drugs? ADHD meds? (Yes I'm being a jack a**.. bad attempt at humor. Need another funny release before I work out the final MDA of my divorce. I don't like talking to my soon to be ex at all, but it has to be done to finally be free.. AAAARRRRGGHH! I hate this!)
  6. To set the scene I’m 38 years old. Up until my thirties I drifted around having lots of fun in different locations. Then when I turned 30 I suddenly had this incredible impulse to return to be near my family and have babies. For most of my thirties this became an obsession. I chose totally unsuitable men and went through boyfriends like a shark with a shoal of fish! Some of them were horrible. Then I gave up on men last year and decided to have a baby solo. That’s when I met my current partner. He’s young and fun. We became serious quite quickly. A year and a half later I’m living with him. He can be lovely and cuddly and I’m generally content. But he has a rare yet horrible temper (fuelled by adhd), despite my best efforts to guide him he has never given me an orgasm and he doesn’t stimulate me in a conversational way. Several events have occurred and Im in a tizz: A month ago I experienced a miscarriage. He revealed to me that he has been saving loads of money whilst I am barely breaking even. He said that we have to live in a commuter town (expensive and soulless). I got so frustrated by sex that I was mean. I can’t really explain why but I started to feel a total sense of dissatisfaction with my life and where it was heading. I could see my future stuck in some grey place exhausted with kids but working hard. I didn’t like it. I am not even sure I want children now. I started to pull away from the relationship a bit. I cried a lot. I said I wanted space. It pushed him over the edge. He was angry one minute. Full of despair the next. Then wanting kisses and cuddles. It was exhausting. So I got away and am now at my parents house contemplating life. Am I where I want to be? Do I actually want to live around here? He wants to meet today to talk me back. I’m really not sure what I want to do!
  7. I reconnected with a long ago love interest via the internet. We talked everyday for a few months and eventually she decided to move to my location. (We are a lesbian couple. Just don't want you to get confused by pronoun usage.) I remember having some trouble understanding her over the phone but thought it was because of a bad connection or something. I even bought a new phone because the connection bothered me. So, now that we are a couple I realize it wasn't a bad connection. She just cannot communicate very well. She has ADHD and talks a mile a minute, jumping from one topic to another and expects me to keep up. I cannot. I'm frustrated because I end up just nodding and agreeing with God-only-knows-what because it makes her angry if I ask her to repeat something. She says "none of my friends have a problem understanding me". OK. That's nice. But I still don't understand and it's getting on my nerves and causing a REAL problem for me. Today she sent me a couple of documents on email and asked me to sign them (as her) and email them back to the sender. Simple right? It took her five minutes to tell me and make sure I understood what she said. For goodness sake! It was two pages and two lines clearly meant for a signature. She spent 5 minutes "explaining" where I was to sign etc, but cannot spend 10 seconds to repeat something I didn't hear correctly. We have talked about it until I am sick of it. The more she resists repeating herself or slowing down to meet me, the more I pull away. My daughter has ADHD, so it isn't as though I do not "get it". But this is driving me away more and more each day. Is there ANYTHING I can do? CHale
  8. Hi, I’ve been in a relationship with my partner for almost 2 years and desperately need advice. He has ADHD, is not medicated for it and no matter how many times I try to talk about it or work through the issues it is causing in our relationship, he just clams up and we never work through it. I feel lonely and shut out and don’t know what to do. I love this man so much but I don’t know how much longer I can keep going with this. Has anyone had experience in this and if so, what on earth can I do!?!? Please help!
  9. Has anyone any experience in diagnosing a suspected ADHD child. My son is 13 this year and we suspect he could be having ADHD. we are taking him to see a family and child psychologist. what questions would I ask on this first of this appointment; how should I approach this problem and what can else can do about it.
  10. Today, I may have learned that I have ADHD. I had never truly researched ADHD before. I had always just attributed the disorder to kids who can't stay focused or sit still in class. I wasn't even convinced it was real...until now. Just happened across an article. I never knew that ADHD came with the symptoms of hyperfocus, inability to get started on anything that doesn't interest me, jumping from hobby to hobby, and need for over-stimulation (high action video games, high risk activities, etc.) I'll literally fall asleep in a meeting, no matter how well rested I am upon entering. I get bored with hobbies and jobs (my career) very quickly, but when I pick up a new hobby or job, its always hyperfocused and I go all in for a month or two. All or nothing all the time. There are piles of old hobbies in my closet and garage. The more and more I read, I was described to a tee. I'm debating seeing a doctor for an official diagnosis to be certain, but if I really am ADHD as I believe at this point, it's actually a relief to know and understand why I am the way I am. I'm just devastated that I didn't know it sooner. I have no desire to go on any medications for it, but knowing helps. I always thought I was just partially OCD, and didn't realize that so many symptoms of OCD actually overlapped with ADHD Then I came across this article which also seems to VERY accurately describe the end of my marriage (I have a separate thread on that): https://www.additudemag.com/adhd-divorce-rate-marriage-help/ Maybe understanding why I am the way I am will help in the future. I just don't know how I am 30 years old and never had a clue about any of this. In some way, I wished knowing this now would let me rebuild my relationship with my cheating wife, but it seems that ship has long since sailed.
  11. Been married for three years, have a wonderful relationship with my wife. Have two stepdaughters 10 and 13. The 10 year old is a pleasure. The 13 year old is a pain. Nothing criminal (yet) and not a bad student. But she is very difficult to get along with. She only has no real friends, is lazy, has a smart mouth, is loud, a total slob, overweight, annoying, bossy, negative, whiney, lies constantly, selfish, rude, disrespectful...do you get the picture? She hasnt had an easy life. Her biological father is a dirt bag and is currently incarcerated. Her mom's done the best she can, but was forced to be a single mom for many years. But know we are a stable family with a great home in a nice neighborhood. She has ADD or ADHD. She has been on every med they make, but none really seemed to help. We stopped all the meds and try to control her diet as much as possible. And we try to keep her away from sugar...which helps...but we cant watch her all the time. ADHD is not her main problem. Its her negative, "I want my way" attitude. She seems to very immature for her age, like she has a 4 year old's mind in a 13 year old's body. She doesnt appear to be going through puberty yet. We took her to counseling...the best in the area... and the counselor surmized that we need to hope she grows out of it. I can't afford more counseling. We feel like we are always having to punish her, yet it doesnt seem to have any effect on her. We take away priviledges, ground her, etc. She changes for a day, then she is right back to her old self Almost every day we have an issue with her. My wife is beside herself because she is sooo tired of dealing with her. She feels guilty because she loves her, but also can't stand to be in the same room with her. Other relatives say the same thing about her. The other night, she kicked a hole in the wall when she got mad because we wouldn't let her watch TV because she was running her mouth. I fear as she gets older and bigger, we may see more of this kind of behavior. We try to get her involved in things....she now plays in the band and is doing quite well. We admit she probably is seeking attention from us, and when we try to give it to her she annoys us so much we want to get her away from us. I try to talk to her to try to understand what emotion, if any, is behind all of this, but I can't get anywhere. She doesn't think she is doing anything wrong. She thinks everyone else is wrong and everyone is unfair to her. If we could afford it, we would contemplate sending her away to some sort of boarding school or boot camp...but we also think that would just make her resent us more. We also fear that since she demands so much of our attention that our other daughter may suffer. Our other daughter is well liked by all. We've run out of ideas. We want to help her, but I've about given up.
  12. Hi all... Back here after a while. and please, be nice. I know what I did. Part of this post is to hopefully get advice, and part of it is to really get into my head and collect my thoughts. Been dating this awesome girl for 2 years. Put a lot of effort in it, as best as I could. A small part of this relationship she had to move across the state for work. We agreed on two things, one was I would try to move out to where she was at some point (goal was within a year) and second, I would tell her if I decided to see other people (I'm not clear if we were going to do open relationship at this point since distance). Shortly thereafter, while she was out, she got hit by a natural disaster, causing her to lose her new apartment, COVID and subsequently lose her job. She stayed at family for a moment, and we made a decision she come back to where I lived and hunker down through the pandemic. We had a lot of adventures through out this time. while we were great with domestic life, we also had a great friendship, had a ton of adventures camping and long weekend drives and never argued about money or fair share of jobs at home. We reminded each other daily how we loved and valued one another. I would periodically bring home flowers, or shop for things she would like to have at home. The weekend before we broke up i vividly remembered driving home from camp how much I appreciated her being there with me. HER: She was obviously depressed but through the time we were together, slowly withdrew herself from communicating her needs effectively. She was away from family, had no job and was basically a dog sitter for my dogs whenever I was at work. ME: I've had history of a slowly emerging preference for non monogamy. With which I had told her about. She made clear that she wasn't into it. And I was open to trying monogamy, but wanted some freedoms. We partook in several sex parties (never hooked up with anyone else) and she went to several poly meet ups. However, as time passed, I noticed that she stopped addressing this need. I didn't mind being monogamous, but I wanted her to at least acknowledge it in conversation which she ultimately started to ignore. While she was in another state, I downloaded Tinder. I had no intention of meeting up with people and just liked "liking" profiles to sort of get my dopamine fix. I made the mistake of not telling her what I had did. Fast forward to the future, her depression had come to a head. Throughout her stay with me, she all but one time, never left the house except to walk the dogs. She mostly would only leave if I were with her. She also started noticing I had ADHD tendencies (I ultimately found out, that part of my tindering was symptoms of ADHD) to which denied at first, but slowly started to address. It didn't help that we both started self medicating. She started using edibles to help her sleep, and I foolishly started taking them as well. My symptoms worsened with the mixture of edibles, alcohol and my ADHD medication. The night we broke up, i emphasized during dinner how wonderful our relationship was and reiterated our plan of getting a bigger apartment once she gets a new job. But right before we went to bed she saw across my shoulder that I had the tinder app on my phone while i was surfing the internet for the latest presidential news. Naturally, she immediately flipped out. She threatened to break up with me unless I show her my profile. I said no, and told her I needed to sleep my high off and we can talk in the morning. By morning we broke up and the next day, she had booked her flight home. From then on, we had been talking. We had maybe a week or so of no contact, but we never defriended each other on social media, and still have access to each other's media profiles (hulu, disney) that we shared (i still pay for half). it's been a month and we've texted heavily several times. No sexting, but catching up. We had a couple of heavy conversations on which I had apologized for my behavior and told her I was still interested in working things out with her. I had told her that I was serious about how sorry i was and how important she was to me, that I was willing to be a better partner for her. So I initiated seeing a therapist for my ADHD, changing my meds, seeing an addiction specialist for my alcohol consumption (they told me my drinking, while heavy, wasn't as concerning as I had imagined it would be and would only need voluntary minimal counseling). I also requested to have a job change (not going to happen for a while) to improve my chances of getting my license to improve my chances of working remote. She had told me that she wasnt interested in getting back together with me and that, since she still loves me, would not want to be best friends again. She said she's still in love with me and being best friends would only lead her to want to be together instead. She requested space and I've respected that. However, she would like pics on my social media, post comments, and will chat with me via text for hours as if we were back together again. She mentioned at some point that "our conversation felt as if the goal is getting back together" and I said "no goal". I told her that "i wouldnt want to get back together anyway, until I realize what made me do the things I did to hurt you. I'm just glad we're here supporting each other". She even said "we should inspire each other to be better". It's clear she's happy being home. and it seems she's picking herself back up now that she's got a job offer. I'm also feeling my new meds and so i'm thinking a lot clearer and more focused on the things I've to do with my life (just need to get motivation hahah, damn ADHD) Anyway, i'm unclear as to what is going on between us. She would initiate a like on my social media and then mostly i would initiate the chatting but when I do, we would spend hours chatting online via messenger. She had mentioned a few weeks ago that we should take a week or so break from video chatting and i've respected that request and hadn't asked her about it since. I'm still unclear about what to do right now. I'm not sure how to proceed. Do I go no contact? Do I draw lines? I know I'm the one who pushed her out finally from my use of tinder, but what do i do? Do i leave her alone? Do i keep talking to her? I know I should lessen initiating contact, that's for sure. But what can make our contact more meaningful?
  13. Hi all, I am new here and I did a quick search for relationship forums and found this one. Here it goes if my words sound rushed that's because I am not in a good place right now. My fiance and I over and I do not know how to get over here. We were a couple for almost 5 years, we shared a home, traveled, we had some fantastic times and I thought it would never end. A little about me, I have ADHD with RSD. My ex has bipolar, ptsd. During the last two years, I have become violent when I was sleeping. I was sleep walking also and not knowing that I was. I will admit it took me too long to get treatment for both ADHD and my sleeping issues. Plus within the last two years I didn't want to be an adult at times. I work she cant due to illness. She would do her part, but at times when it came for me to do my part(cleaning up the lawn, snow, basement...) I would do it late and do a half ass job. At times I didn't care, I wasn't depressed maybe I was just overworked. Then during the last two years, there was more fighting less affection. About her, she is bisexual I knew this from day one and didn't mind it. When my sleeping behaviors became to much for her she stopped wanting any kind of affection(Hugs, kissing, sex...). I did get help at first for my sleep disorder but the meds weren't working. Yes I should of told the DR give me something else, but I didn't think to. I just wasn't being proactive enough. Plus due to my ADHD I wasn't listening fully to her. So then when I made mistakes she would be OK with it but then get angry over it because she knew I could do much better. She basically left me because of the abuse. That made her ptsd increase. Since I had ADHD with RSD so that means I am very afraid of rejection from important people. She was and is the most important person in my life, we were going to move and have a life and future together. I never thought I would be afraid to talk to her about us. She was afraid as well. The hardest part is we are still living together because I don't make enough to live alone and truthfully I don't want to move out and be alone. She says were still best friends nothing will ever change that. She has stated that she doesn't want to be with any man right now and she has a girlfriend. Sorry for the very long post I just had to get this off my chest.
  14. Me and my younger sister were really close when we were younger. We're still pretty close. Actually, I think out of everyone else, she feels closest to me. But she has ODD. Anxiety, depression, and ADHD all run in my family, and I got them all. Yay. Since she was young, she's always had anger issues. When I was about six, they turned to me. Then to my even younger sister. Me, my mom, and my youngest sibling are all really struggling to deal with her. I love her, but that's really what makes it hurt so much. I don't remember much about how it happened, its just a blur. But I do remember feeling terrible and alone after every fight. It was just screaming. Then, one day when we were home alone, she shoved me hard down the stairs. Longest 30 min. ever. She had hurt me before, but only in small kicks. It somehow escalated to her punching me in the gut until I threw up while calling me a screwup. I told my parents, of course. They care, but they're so beaten down that they are almost desensitized. But its still going on. With ADHD, I'm annoying. Its okay, I know I am. But everyone gets tired of me, so they end up acting like I don't exist. I didn't have much confidence in the first place, but that combined with someone I love telling me I'm a waste of space is harsh. I didn't really believe I was worth anything. Internally, I did get better. I think more of myself now. But that wasn't because of anyone else giving me a hand. It was solely because God showed me He loved me and I pulled myself back up. But that doesn't make it hurt any less. She could have her hand raised to hit me, but my parents will open the door and just tell us to keep it down. Its like, do you not see what's happening? I get so depressed and sad and hurt that by now I'm an expert at hiding it. I was already terrible at trusting others because everyone I've ever let in hurt me. But since I'm so annoying, I'm too scared to get close enough to trust anybody. Who can I talk to? I can't tell anyone why I flinch when they touch me or jump back when they try to hug me. All my friends think its funny and try to scare me with it. I go through this everyday, but today was enough to make me sign up and register on this site just for anyone to talk to. Please help me out. Its hard to stay happy when you feel worthless.
  15. How do you decide what to spend your time pursuing? Sometimes I feel as though I have 25 different interests and I'm trying to follow them all. As a result I veer wildly from one thing to another, often barely scratching the surface. Almost like I can't help myself from jumping from thing to thing ... exploring new music, trying to read books and magazines, improving in X, Y or Z. I sometimes feel I want to CONSUME all these things. I'm always trying to expand my knowledge and live an interesting life. But I'm having a problem rooting myself for any length of time, which sort of defeats the whole purpose. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this? (BTW, I'm not ADHD that I know of. In fact, I'm so dedicated to my work that when I get off of work after a long hard day, I almost don't know what to do first.) Thanks in advance for your thoughts, comments, advice ...
  16. Okay, I don't know where to start, but here I go. Recently I've noticed my comprehension skills have been less than reliable. I have trouble following my english teacher's discussions in class, directions, new concepts from my studies, a turn of phrase, conversations and jokes. I've tried to figure out what might be causing it and think it may be my tiny vocabulary (something I'm looking to improve, just don't know where to start), my ADHD, my lifetime habit of staying at home and avoiding people and human interaction all together, my age (19), or a combination of all of them. Whatever it might be, I want to fix it. I don't want this problem to have a negative impact on my current relationships, hurt my efforts to make new relationships, my studies or my efforts to find a career. If anyone thinks they might be able to help please do! BTW, I've been out of high school for more than a year now and it seems like I forgot a good amount of what I learned. Am I the only one with this problem? Because I gotta say, I'm in college now, and it doesn't seem worth going through all this learning if I'm just going to forget everything. Is there anyway to learn something for life? Thanks!
  17. Has anyone had to deal with family members who won't be quiet and let someone else talk for a change? This is going to be long and I'm rambling. By the time you get to the end of it, you'll think I'm one of them... I have four older sisters, three of whom talk excessively. They dominate every conversation and get-together. I feel like I have no life, nothing to offer to the conversation, no time to form a thought when they are around. They NEVER stop talking.... It's been like this growing up and we are now in our 40s and 50s. I feel one of them is ADHD. She can't stay on topic. She bounces from one thing to another so fast that I get a headache after about 1/2 hour with her. She puts things down and doesn't remember even putting it down let alone where she put it (i.e. her lists of things to do that are supposed to help keep her organized). We spend much time talking about what she did with whatever the last thing is she can't find. She repeats stories all the time because she doesn't remember what she talked about with whom. She is constantly interrupted in the middle of a thought by her family and expects everyone to just hang on her every last word. What I find interesting is that everyone else seems to really enjoy listening to her go on and on and seems truly entertained by her. I am bored by it all. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of their constant mindless talking. My usual tendency is to just nod and smile and agree with whatever they were going on about at the time. The last few years I have tried to slip in a few thoughts of my own when I can and now they don't like what I have to say. I've been so agreeable to listen all these years that they are taken aback by my very short, to-the-point comments that may come off as rude. I only act like this around them because it's the only way I can actually be a part of the conversation. Most people I am friendly with have much longer attention spans and use the listen and then comment method of conversation rather than dominate the conversation. They don't interrupt my thoughts. I enjoy the give and take that normal conversation offers. These sisters of mine are so opinionated and repetetive with their talk that I just don't want to waste my time anymore. I think they are rude for not giving others a chance to talk and offer insight. It's ALL about them! Now they say they feel like they have to walk on eggshells around me. I say TOUGH !##!. I've had to put up with their chatter all my life and their constant need to be the center of attention. Now they don't like my opinions. They say everything for me is black or white, that I get angry with them when our opinions differ. Maybe so. I don't know. Right now I kind of want to piss them off. I'm the most independent of the bunch, but when I'm around them, their behavior makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again, just doing whatever they want to do and go with the flow and keep quiet and all is well. So I don't know how these postings work. I don't know that I'm looking for suggestions on how to handle my ADHD sister who dominates every situation and the two chatty Kathys or if I'm thinking more that it feels good just to get it off my chest. I am seriously considering distancing myself from the family stuff but for my 82 year old parents. I have to attend the big family get-togethers and then just keep my distance the rest of the time. They literally send me back into childhood whenever I spend any length of time with them. It's depressing to be around them anymore. If you made it through all this BLABLABLA, THANK YOU for listening. I know it's long. If you have any thoughts, comments, suggestions, real life experience of your own you'd like to share, I would be thrilled to read them. This is my first posting ever anywhere, so hopefully I will be able to find my way around this site enough to view your response. Again, thanks for reading. #5sis
  18. Alright. I'm getting sick and tired of not having a purpose. I want to be doing something other than sitting around this house and I eventually would like to be able to pay for school. So I'm thinking of going military. Every last person I've talked to that's in the military has told me not to do it. But I'm beginning to feel that it's my only option. If I do decide to do this, which branch might some of you recommend? I'm also not sure if any of them would take me seeing as I've been on medication for depression, as well as being hospitalized 3 times for alcoholism and major depression. I'm also ADHD. Could that keep me from getting in? Could I get away with omitting that information? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Iam looking back at my frantic, anxious crazy e-mails and now after almost 3 months of being broken up and getting nowhere with my ex even after an official ADHD diagnosis and now being on Ritalin going to therapy and anger management and making such large changes in my life, becoming healthy. It is amazing when all have found my new interest... Hiking!!! the Oregon forests are awaiting me and in the process iam meeting people , new friends with similar interests and aspirations. I just wanted to go back to prove that indeed Iam a good person, and I already know that..I have tried for the last 3 months to do all it would take to help our relationship. she has not budged. so when I had a conversation with her over the weekend, and she said she was not going to reconcile with me, and I had to wait until her kid moved out (in 4 years) I felt relieved that I had the ok to actuallyu move on. I am healthier now, Iam still working on me, I have another opportunity at life knowing that behaviour management and medication are key. I have proven I can handle anything. Peace at last and no anxiety. No contact since the 2nd and not ever again if it depended on me. she still owes me $2500, she just gave me $1000. I am done talking, if she pays me fine, if she doesn't whatever. Hallelujah. D...
  20. I’d like to know if there will be any demand for early childhood special education teachers. I’m looking into it. I’d also like to know if there will be any job prospects relating to helping students who have adhd and dyslexia . Etc . I’m trying to seek more fulfilling things to do with my life .
  21. So... I broke up with my ex boyfriend late last year. And started talking to someone new basically immediately I have ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and recently diagnosed ADHD Now I have been seeing this new person for about 6 weeks. He told me on the second date he wants to pursue a serious relationship with me...Things have gone smoothly since then. We have disclosed a lot of personal information, and he knows I have ADHD. As yet I haven't felt comfortable formally disclosing my ASD diagnosis I have been diagnosed by two different specialists but I'm so high functioning that it's not obvious to most people. I feel anxious in his presence occasionally because I am hiding a big part of who I am. I am unemployed because of my ASD (although I get income support so I am not broke) It's something he deserves to know. And sooner or later it will come out because my financial situation will raise questions. But I am worried that I am not up to the task of dissolving stigmas/stereotypes and communicating appropriately how the condition affects me But my question here is a bit more general. Not just for ASD, but for any disability or condition, especially one which has a good deal of stigma attached to it... When is the right time to disclose when you're dating someone new? Does the person you're dating have an absolute right to know before they get in too deep, or is their right to know conditional on them meeting certain milestones (and your comfort level)?
  22. I don't even know why I'm posting again. I think I just need to get some stuff out of my system so if that's bad then just delete this post. Well one of my last posts submitted was read by my lovely mother... the one about the girl I like, so yeah that was definitely not good. She knew I was bi but didnt know that my friend and I were THAT close. It's kinda funny now that I think about it but not really. Oh yes, I tend to ramble a lot so I apologize. Oh yes and my spelling sucks too. Now to get back on track, though there is no particular track I'll do it anyways. 0X that guy is funny. I also have ADHD but its attention based so thats why I get off track (was just diagnosed with it, isnt that exciting?) Now my mom acts really weird around me and I pretty much don't smile anymore. I also have depression but I really hate smiling. My moms like "smile ness, smile" and I just don't get the point of lying anymore. Also my mom supposedly says that I show no emotion just because I didn't think the end of "The Notebook" was sad enough to cry about. Yes it was sad but not one tear fell down my face. I got into trouble for this too, yes. I dont think my mom likes me very much because she knows all my problems and that has ruined her vision of having a perfect daughter. Now that I have adhd too my moms all like god my daughter is a depressed bisexual vegitarian cutter with adhd, and then theres some more she doesnt know about. I guess I can say that I hate myself. Yes, I do. I don't think I deserve anything that I have. I keep losing friends and it's really not as amusing as it sounds. I promised my friend that we would both try not to cut and we both failed. This is not only one friend, its multiple. I just want to be there for everyone and help everyone. My therapist says that I need to help myself first. I don't know though, I think I can help others while helping myself. Thinking is bad. It is very bad. I keep thinking about my weight and how fat I am. I think I might go ana or mia though when my friends are it I do everything in my power to stop them cuz mostly they are not fat. I on the other hand could do to lose a few many pounds. Dreaming is bad too. I mean like literal dreaming and then like dreaming. I keep dreaming of my own suicide, my own death, my own end. Why is it that I wake up crying when I know I want it so much? I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. The only things I have are my writing, my own thoughts, and my journal. I write alot, on my bed in my room in the dark. Sometimes candles light sometimes just in the dark. the funny thing is, I'm afraid of the dark but I love it. I dont know what I expect from posting. Maybe I just needed to ramble. I don't know Love, Ness
  23. Does anybody know how to handle "the case" or does anybody have any experience with a partner who has ADHD or is manic-depressive. I might have to do with the case and would be interested to exchange views. Thanks. Princesa
  24. So I've taken a step and decided that I need to see a therapist. Possibly for depression, possibly adult ADHD. But I've never ever done this before! How do I choose a good one? Do I go with a psychologist or a psychiatrist? I live in LA, so there are literally hundreds of choices covered by my insurance. The problem is we just moved here, and I'm not comfortable enough with anyone we've met to ask them a) if they're in therapy and b)who they recommend. Any advice?
  25. My 9yo son and 8yo daughter are exploring eachother sexually, i have been told this is normal. My son doesn't live with me. my daughter does. i also have 2 younger daughters 4 and 3yo. thus far, nothing has happened between or to them. I have cought my eldest two befor. and have explained till i am blue in the face on how unacceptable there behavior is. They are now at the age where i feel they know what they are doing, when asked why they both say " it feels good" . I don't know what else to do about this. part of me wants to send my daughter away when my son is here to protect her. but then she never sees her brother, part of me wants to not allow my son to come back. but i can't do either. unfortunately when my son is with me and something happens, his father does not help. refuses to get him counceling etc. He has never helped.my son is also ADHD. He is very smart and acceles at everything he does. makes A's in school. etc. It is easy to talk to him, he is honest with me. but i can't seem to get throught to him how important it is not to be doing sexual things with his sister. If anyone has been throught this and can help please i need advise. thanks
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