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my feelings are getting to me

Blue Skittles

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My boyfriend did nothing wrong, and everything is fine in our relationship, as far as I know, but my feelings are really getting to me.


He's been working out of town for the last 2 weeks, and I think part of my feelings are that I'm really missing him.


Tonight he stopped to visit his buddy he hasn't seen in 4 years. He told me he'd call me before they went out, but I got home and I had a splitting headache and wanted nothing more than an uninterrupted nap. So I called him instead so that I could go to sleep after, and he acted like I was the most unimportant thing on the planet. (well at least thats my perception, and I know my perception is inaccurate). I don't know, I know he was probably busy with his friend but he didn't sound happy to hear from me, didn't want to talk much, and didn't do his usual "hello beautiful, i miss you a lot" thing.


Anyways. My emotions are overreacting. I just don't know how to shake this feeling. I have unhealthy thoughts running through my head, stupid things like "well if he's going to act like this then I'm just not going to answer my phone tomorrow when he does call". How do I change these feelings?

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Well the conversation went something like this


Him : Hi, how was your day?


Me : Good and yours?


Him: Good, I just got to my friends house a coupel minutes ago. We're going to have a drink.


Me: Oh, would you like me to let you go?


Him: Well if you do then you probably wont' be hearing from me for the rest of the night


Me: Ok. I have a splitting headache and I think I'm going to go for a nap soon.


Him: Ok sure, well why don't you call me later when you get up from your nap, but if we're out I'm not sure I'll answer the phone


Me: Ok sure, we can always talk tomorrow too


Him: Ok sounds good, well have a good night


Me: You too, have a fun time. Bye.


I don't know, and his tone of voice, was just... cold.

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I think he sounds polite, not sure of the tone of the voice. I could sympathize if his responses were something like "why are you calling me, I told you I'll call you or", "fine, I'll talk to you later".


It could be your headache, drained and not seeing for two weeks could definitely spin you around. I wouldn't worry with such response from him.

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Thanks everyone. You are right, he probably just didn't want to talk in front of his friend, and I'm sure I'll hear from him tomorrow. I think I'm just cranky too with my headache and just waking up and over thinking things. I've been under A LOT of stress at work lately too, so I'm sure that doesn't help.

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The conversation sounds fine to me. The fact that he usually calls you beautiful is great! You are just used to it now so you expect it. I agree with the others who said he probably felt funny saying it in front of his friend. It sounds like you have a great boyfriend. Don't go stirring up problems where none exists.

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