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Is he feeling better today?


He says he is, thanks for asking.


He rescheduled his appointment for Friday so we'll see how that goes. I think he was just really tired that day, said he had some nasty nightmares and didn't get much sleep.


I went to the gym last night and had a fairly decent workout. It's hard to get the workout that I want when the gym is jammed packed but I did ok. Afterwards I went to Target to buy some pull-ups for the baby and I was hungry, I couldn't resist..........I had a hot dog. I haven't had a hot dog since I started all this exercising and healthy eating. I swear it was the best damned hotdog I've had in a while. The whole time I was eating it, I kept thinking about the picture of the hotdog that Tech posted here a while ago. I think she understands my love of hotdogs. LOL


So I got the hotdog thing out of my system. I got a recipe from the net, weight watchers oven fried chicken, I am going to try that instead of indulging in some oh so delicious fried chicken from a chain restaurant.


Progress....little by little.

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I took the kids to their appointment. The police were there, taking a report from a woman, her husband had hit her in front of everyone. Some people have no shame. That just really made me mad but had to keep my emotions in check because I had the 3 little ones with me.


I got home at a decent enough time, I could have gone to the gym but opted not to. I was feeling somewhat light headed earlier, don't know if I'm tired or coming down with something. Probably best I didn't go.


So now I have this free time at home and I really don't know what to do with myself. I'm soo not used to having any time to myself, there is always something to do for someone somewhere.

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Woohoo, it's Friday.....Well techinally it's Thursday but it is my Friday. I'm leaving out of here at 2:00p and going to my dental appointment and a trip to the gym later today.


My two days off are already filling up with things that have to get done. Appointment in the morning to get my blood drawn, a parade at the grandbabies school that I want to be there for, an afternoon appointment with the bf's doctor and friday night is girls night out. Saturday, up early to take my car for an oil change.


Next week is going to be just as busy. I have some classes I am taking in the next two weeks, so that will suck up more of my time. Busy Busy Busy..

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I had probably one of the best Friday nights in a long long time. It was supposed to be a girls night out but one of the girls cancelled due to work. It was just going to be me and Walter, my gay best friend. The plan was to take the bf to the doctor for his appointment and then meet up with the friends later. Well the bf asked if he could join us for dinner and it turned out to be such an amazing night.


He was relaxed, in great spirits even though he wasn't feeling too well. We had an amazing sushi dinner and then we saw a movie. In my 5 years of dating him, we had only gone to the movies once before. Tonight I realized how many things we miss out on because of our work schedules, plus he's never really been one to be out and about but I could tell he truly enjoyed himself tonight, my best friend loved having him with us and overall it was a great night. I hope that we can at least work around our busy schedules to do this again.


The word of the day is sushi and lord did we have a lot of it! Thank you sushi thread.

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I feel so drained today. I had court early in the morning and then it was another doctor's appointment for the boyfriend. The doctor was pleased with his recent weight loss, however that was really the only good thing that came out of the appointment. My bf is a sick man, with serious illnesses that could kill him and the doctor continues to make that very clear. On top of his out of control diabetes and high blood pressure, the doctor informed us that there is damage to the kidneys and he's anemic. The doctor isn't sure what is causing the anemia but does want to do some more tests. Sigh....


It's weird to think that this is the same man that put me through so much pain. He apoligizes a lot to me now, I think his illness has humbled him. We are at a good place in our relationship and it hurts to think that I could just lose him in the blink of an eye.

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I went to the gym yesterday and all I could think about was, it would be so good to have the bf join me so he can get some extra excercise. I'm working on him, I really am. LOL


I noticed that I haven't dropped any additional weight, at least not according to the scale but I do see the difference in my pants. They are kinda hanging off my waist and hips. That is a good sign, I'm sure. I just wish those stupid numbers would come down a bit. I'm sure I have hit a plateau and I just need to tweak my routine and diet a bit and it will be okay. I guess I am just impatient.


I remember when I was doing this years ago, the weight was falling off but the more I think about it the more I realize it won't be the same this time around. I'm older, I was taking diet pills back then which helped with my appetite control and gave me the energy to have these crazy sweaty workouts and I worked out twice a day sometimes, once during the day at Bally's and once at night at work.


So I just need to chill out and enjoy the little changes now. I will get there when my body wants me to get there.

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So it is my Friday and I really want to just enjoy my weekend. I do have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to get my girl bits checked. His nurse had called me yesterday as he recieved the results of my blood work and wanted me to know that I am anemic again and will have to undergo further tests at the lab. It's no wonder why I am always cold and usually tired.

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Enjoy your weekend!


Do you take iron pills?



Not yet but I will have to start taking them next week after I have more blood work done.


On a very positive note, the doctor was pleased with my losing 12 lbs and gave me a clean bill of health other than the anemia.


Cholestrol is good. Bp good. Breasts, no lumps. Girl bits, nothing bad there either.


I think I want to hit the gym tonight but I really had my heart set on going in the morning when it's less crowded, so I think I will do that. I can spend tonight cooking and cleaning and washing clothes and then have a great workout tomorrow morning.


Yep, today was a good day!

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Congratulations on the weight loss! If you're looking to change your workout up or just intensify, I highly recommend Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. I did my first day of level one today and it was a really good workout. I'm actually excited to do it again tomorrow!


On DVD? I like her. I might just have to check that out.


I did hit the gym earlier and had a great workout. I was sweating hard, my heart was pumped. That at least should have erased a few ounces. LOL

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Today I am skipping the gym so that I can get my blood work done at the lab and then I have to take Jade (hearing impaired granddaughter) to the optometrist. The school recommomended that she have her vision tested since she apparently failed their exam.


They said since she couldn't repeat the symbols back to them, that she must be blind as well. Hello, she didn't repeat the symbols back to you because she can't hear well and doesn't speak. So I will take her to the appointment, to appease them. I wonder what else they are going to come up with.


She is doing well with her speech therapy though. Some of her words are becoming more and more clear. Yesterday she came downstairs and kept saying "Natthew his head" (she can't tell the difference between M and N)... I guess she was trying to tell me something about Matthews head, knowing her, she probably clocked him. LOL


She has yet another hearing test scheduled for May with a new surgeon at Children's Hospital. This is her umpteenth test and they just keep on coming. He did say that the hearing loss in the left ear is most likely nerve related and she will never be able to hear in that ear again. His focus now is to preserve what little hearing she does so she can have a normal life as possible.


For all that she has been through, she is still such a little pill.....LOL

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Ok, so I stuck my foot in my mouth with the above post. I did take Jade to her appointment and the doctor said she is far sighted and needs to wear glasses.


I have often wondered how small children that wear glasses actually keep them on and not lose them or break them. She's an active girl that loves to wrestle with the bigger kids. While she can be very girlie when she wants to be, she can be just as boyish and I wonder if she will be ok playing and not coming in with broken glasses.


Her mom said she let Jade pick her own glasses. She gave Jade 3 pairs to choose from and Jade put her finger to her chin, tapped her chin and using the sound "hhmm" as to indicate that she was thinking about which pair to choose. (how sweet). She finally picked a tiny pair of blue glasses. They are really sweet looking and she will have them in about 3 weeks.

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How old is Jade? She sounds like a sweetheart I had to get glasses at age 7 and never had a problem with them falling off, even when figure skating. I still don't actually.. I wear glasses in the pool, etc... and have never lost a pair. My sister did, however, and she got these sport band things to hold hers on her face when she played sports. You can get them at any eye doctor's office.


I have a friend who is almost completely deaf and she is doing just fine. She's pursuing a career in audiology, speaks publicly at local schools about growing up with a hearing loss, and she mentors a young girl with major hearing loss. Your granddaughter will have as normal of a life as she wishes. I hope that her speech therapy continues to go well

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How old is Jade? She sounds like a sweetheart I had to get glasses at age 7 and never had a problem with them falling off, even when figure skating. I still don't actually.. I wear glasses in the pool, etc... and have never lost a pair. My sister did, however, and she got these sport band things to hold hers on her face when she played sports. You can get them at any eye doctor's office.


I have a friend who is almost completely deaf and she is doing just fine. She's pursuing a career in audiology, speaks publicly at local schools about growing up with a hearing loss, and she mentors a young girl with major hearing loss. Your granddaughter will have as normal of a life as she wishes. I hope that her speech therapy continues to go well


Jade is 3, acutally she will be 4 in July. She does certainly get on the best she can. She's a lively girl with tons of energy and the sweetest face.


Today is probably not the best of days for me. I'm not sure but I suspect that I started PMS'ing last night and what's scary is I can pinpoint the exact moment that literally some internal switch just went from normal to really agitated. I didn't sleep well and woke up this morning in the same mood I went to bed. I usually get a good morning text from the boyfriend, didn't get one and that irritated me. I get to work and there are way too many people in this tiny office, just chit chatting and shooting the breeze, that irritated me. Two co-workers flirting heavily with each other in my office, really irritated me. I was so close to telling them, why don't you two just get a room already? But, I kept mum because when I am feeling this way, I can be brutal with my words. Probably better if I just sit here and try to get through this day and maybe I can have a good workout later.


Yesterday, I noticed the 'maint req'd' light flashing in my car. So I'm taking the car to my son's school, where he is going to hook it up to the computer today and tell me what's wrong with it. I really like having a mechanic in the house. He went from building and fixing bikes to fixing cars and hopefully buses within a year or so.


Ok, so I'm done rambling in this journal for the moment. I probably sound deranged. Sorry about that.

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I see I have neglected my journal the last several days. It seems that my days are filled with everything to do, do this and do that, go here and go there.


I missed 3 straight days of going to the gym and I really felt bad about it. I finally made it back yesterday and it felt really good to get my workout in. I'm still just really ticked off about the plateau I seem to be stuck on. I'm still eating less, not eating all the junk that I use to and yet the scale is staying the same. I have actually been considering looking into the personal trainers at the gym. I saw this one guy and he had this poor girl covered in sweat and she looked like she was ready to collapse. LOL I want to be that girl.


I suppose all can't be bad though, I mean I'm working out as much as my crazy schedule allows me and I notice that I am increasing my workout time so something good has to come out of that.

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Yesterday's workout went well. I felt a little more energetic, I was just pressed for time. It's always the same thing, I feel like I lose a few hours in my day somewhere. By the time I get home from the gym, I'm rushing to pack my lunch for work and get my clothes ready and before I know it, it's time for bed.....rinse and repeat.


The boyfriend announced that he wants to go on a date Friday. He said he was taking the night off from work so we could have dinner and see a movie. I'm certainly very excited about this. Our schedules are so conflicted, he works graveyard and I work days, he has Sunday and Monday off and I have Friday and Saturday off. It doesn't make for easy date nights so his taking Friday off is a big thing to me.


I feel like I am dating again after a long hiatus. I almost feel giddy.

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I didn't work out at all over the weekend and I feel like a sloth. Thankfully my son is on spring break this week so I don't need to pick him up from school which will give me a head start at the gym. I packed my gym bag last night, I'm ready and pumped to go.


Easter was a disaster at my house. My daughter planned this really nice party for the babies, her boyfriends babies and some of the kids in the apartment complex. I provided the food, a lot of it. She provided all the games and prizes, sounds good right?


Wrong! My son did something that he does every normal day, he came in and put his PSP on the kitchen counter, really no different than me coming home and tossing my car keys and wallet on the counter. Well someone took his PSP, just helped themselves to it. On Easter no less


Though we have no proof who actually took it, however certain things came to light that lead a few of us to believe that it was a friend (grown man) of my daughters boyfriend.


It's difficult to explain how and why people rob others blind when your son has a disability. (processing disorder). Naturally he's feeling very down about it. This is the

2nd PSP that was stolen from him. The first one was taken from his backpack at school.


Some people have no shame..

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I'm tired today, sleep did not come easy for me last night. Perhaps it had something to do with my nonstop day. I left work at 2:00, went straight home and got my gym bag and then off to the gym I went. Worked out and came home, got all my coupons together and left for the market. I did a good portion of my shopping and got home at 8:00pm. No rest...no time to just relax. I then noticed that something was very wrong with my laptop. I didn't have the time to stay up and try to figure it all out. I just wanted to sleep. Why is it when you are so freakin' tired and ready to drop you still can't just fall asleep? Grrrr...


So today will be similar, I will leave work at 2:00 and run some errands before I go to the gym. It will probably be about 6:00 or 7:00 before I get home.

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I actually got home relatively early yesterday and I flopped down on the couch and did nothing and you know what???? It felt sooo good.


I did go to the gym, spent about an hour there and worked up a decent sweat. I have my gmy bag ready to go, again today. I just found out that I get to work an overtime day tomorrow and I need the money so my plans for an early morning workout have been changed to regular afternoon workout.


Speaking of workouts, Sherryberrypie was telling me about the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd and the bf ordered it for me a few minutes ago. I'm looking forward to doing some workouts at the house especially on the days that I can't make it to the gym. I'm looking forward to a better tone and nicer definition. I feel like a little kid at Christmas time, this is just so exiciting.

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I just found a way to get a little more exercise in my daily routine.


Myself and one of the guys at work are going to start a walking club during our lunch.


We were planning our path and we were able to work in some stairs on our path. Now we just need to get some recruits to join us!

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Miss the gym last night, ended up having to run around doing errands. I went to a local auto parts store to buy brake pads for my car. Only after my son takes apart the front wheel does he find that the pads are the wrong ones. So back to the auto place we go, get the right pads, get back home again and the guy that he was borrowing a c-clamp from, left and took the clamp with him. So he will attempt to get my brakes done today which means depending on how long it takes, I could miss the gym again today.


I suppose if worse comes to worse, I can take my daughters truck, but it's massive and quite honestly makes me nervous to drive it.


On a more positive note, I picked up an overtime day today therefore I will be making just a bit of extra money. Woohoo.

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