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So confused at what i want.


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Ok i do not really know what to do.

My situation is.


Im a 19 year old 2nd year university student.


I recently got out of a 1 year and a half relationship with a beautiful girl.

The most attractive iv ever been with, but she was 2 years younger and had alot of maturity problems. Didn't like me going out with friends, didn't tell me not to do it but seriously bothered her. She seemed to like similar stuff that i did, but i dont know if she only did it because i wanted too.

She was very clingy, and into "lovey dovey" stuff. I was her first real boyfriend, and took her virginity so she ended up getting extremley attached.

I broke it off because i could'nt handle the fact she had a 12 o'clock curfew and how she handled stuff so i told her we need a break.

Recently iv met a new girl, who i enjoy hanging out with. She likes a lot of the same things i do, music, hobbies. We have the same view on a lot of stuff etc.

Shes in university so i see her a lot more than i did my other girlfriend, and not as attractive but thats not a big deal to me.


And im lost at what i should do.


i really like this new girl but i also know i have feelings for my last girlfriend.

Like she still really loves me and wants to get back with me.


I can't tell if i actually LIKE my last girlfriend, or if i was just overwhelmed with how pretty she was.


I really do not want to make the wrong move.

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Well, ask yourself..the reasons why you broke up with your last girlfriend, if you went back to her, would they still be there? Or would you be going back to the same issues and the same problems? If so, then there's no real point in contemplating her.


You also may just not be over her. If being with the current girl leaves you thinking of the ex, then just give yourself more time before jumping into something else. Give yourself more time to get over the last girl so you can give yourself fully to the next girl.


Can you not just be single for a bit? Does it have to be one or the other? Let yourself get over your ex, and then move forward into something else when you can give yourself to somene else completely.

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thats the thing. I know the issues would still be there, so i do not want to argue with her. But i almost want to be with her in a years time or more when the issues would no longer be there and shes in university.


The only thing you won't be dealing with is her curfew, right? There's nothing to say that her behaviours still won't be there.

Sitting aorund waiting for someone to change, and the circumstances to change isn't a guarantee.

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When nothing has changed, nothing has changed. Your ex is an ex for a reason, and maybe in a few years she'll be more mature and you'll be free at the same time. No sense in putting your current life on hold for that. I'd phase out contact with the ex if she's causing problems with your current relationship. If it's ever meant-to-be again, you'll find one another, and if not, you'll have moved forward and given ex the same opportunity.

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