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Is it ok to kiss on the first date?


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Ok. Put a profile on a dating site. Wasn't expecting much, and mostly did it just for the heck of it.


Lo and behold, a guy messaged me on the 21st. He asked me about a comic series, since I mentioned liking comics in my profile. He asked me to email him if I'd like to talk. (The "sending messages" feature is only for paying members.)


I looked at his profile, thought he was cute and seemed interesting. Snag though- he wasn't in my city. He lives 90 minutes away. I wrote a short email to him anyway, just answering his question.


He wrote back, asked me what I thought of another series. I responded again...he replied again, with another question. He started emailing everyday, sometimes twice a day, asking me more questions about myself, and telling me things about himself. Simple stuff, asking about my favorite movies, favorite books, favorite painters, what kind of foods I like, what I like to do for fun.


After a week, I offered him my number. He txted me the next night asking how my day was, and we kept txting for a few hours. He txted me for a few more hours the next night, and asked me out to dinner & a movie. He finally talked to me over the phone for the first time last night- a pretty good conversation, lasting about 2 hours.


So- our first date is tomorrow, 2 weeks after he first messaged me. (We've talked everyday, either through e-mails, texts, or phone since the 23rd.) He's driving the 90 minutes from his city to come meet me. I've really enjoyed talking to him so far, and we seem to have alot of common views and interests.


And for that reason- I don't want to screw this up. I seemed to have really bad dating luck last year, so I don't want to make the same mistakes. Mostly, I want to make sure he likes me for me, and doesn't just want a physical thing. (Up until Monday, he'd never mentioned anything physical or sexual. Not even comments on my appearance, or asking for more photos of me. He did ask on Monday what my views of sex were. This was after he'd asked me about politics, and then religion. He said he believed "Sex is a wonderful thing shared between 2 people.")


I have absolutely no intention of sleeping with him on the first date of course. I've learned my lesson there. But now- my friends say I shouldn't kiss him either. They say if I kiss him on this first date, it'll make me look "easy", and he won't respect me. They say if I want to have anything long term, I should hold off on any kissing until after a few dates.


So, are they right? Or would it be ok to kiss him tomorrow, if he makes a move? I'm already feeling abit of potential from him, and starting to like him- so I don't want him to think I'm easy and only want to be physical. But at the same time, I don't want him to think I'm cold and disinterested, either.


(If it matters at all- we're both adults. I'm 25, and he's 26.)

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I have kissed girls on the first date, depends on how is going and if it feels right. I wouldn't worry about this too much, let him decide. If he goes to kiss you and you like him, then kiss back, if not, wait for a second date.

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Im a guy and I never kiss on the first date. I dont think it makes you look easy, Im just old fashioned and I feel like its classy to wait to the second or third. it works well for me because girls never wonder if Im in it for the sex. but thats my opinion, noone will think you're easy for a kiss goodnight thats just a sweet gesture.

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Well, we went out Thursday night. Went for dinner first, and spent 2 hours there talking. Headed to a movie...and about 15 minutes into the (really lame) film, he leaned over and kissed me.


Really soft and gentle- not trying to suck my face off like other guys I've known. And he kept his hands from roaming too!- they were always either on my hands, or on my back.


He held my hand as we left the theater, and walked to a nearby ice cream place- but they were closed, so we went out to another place for pie. We spent another 2 hours there, just talking more before he drove me to my home.


All together, I spent about 7 hours with him. A really great date! And we've been txting the past 2 nights too. He wants us to go out again next week!


So I think I did alot of worrying for nothing? lol

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