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How often do you fight?


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For the first 2 years of my relationship with my husband we fought about 5 times total and most of those were due to the fact we were drinking at the time and not thinking clearly.


Just over a year ago, we had a baby and it's been all down hill since then. She had colic which doesn't help matters because that's hell to deal with in general.


We have two older kids, 9 & 11 and they cause their fair share of stress that leads to fights on our part.


Finances have been absolutely god awful since the beginning of the year so that's been yet another stressor.


So, in short, I'd say that we fight mostly over really stupid, trivial things because of stress. I'd estimate that we fight almost daily nowadays Not big huge all-out fights, but we get pretty testy with each other and the kids.

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We used to fight like cats and dogs.....not because I wanted to but because he always had to pick a lame fight about anything and everything.


It took a lot of hard work and patience but we get along soooo much better now. There has been a couple times within the last few months that he was in a bad mood for whatever reason and tried to pick and fight with me and after I told him that we weren't going down that path again and advised him that he should really think hard about the possible end result, he changed his mind and vented in a healthier more positive way.

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we have been together for almost 5 years now and never used to fight about anything. but now its more frequent...about big or little things. its always so stupid too. and the saddest part is that now everytime we drink, we ALWAYS end the night in a big fight. and i am becoming unable to recall these nights because i get so wasted. but despite all this, we end up laughing about it and still love eachother. its a little dysfunctional i suppose.

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Can't remember the last time we fought-fought.

We just don't fight.

We don't have anything to fight over.


We may have a healthy disagreement, that gets resolved quite quickly.


But in the almost 6 years we've been together..there has never been huge blow up fights.

Its not who we are.

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That's like us, but once a month is too much! We never used to fight. I always start it too. We have never been angry at each other for more than an hour or so though. We are learning to argue constructively, and it is definitely patience- testing. Last night we had an argument and had to keep stopping and realizing that we were interrupting each other. I guess it takes work and we've now formed this unfortunate habit of fighting once or twice a month.



What time of the day do you fight with your so (applies to everyone) for us, it always seems to be at night. Makes it hard to lay down and go to sleep when it's a "fight" night.

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We fight about one once a week lately, and we see each other about once a week too. We know, not good. We fight over the things he says. I wanna solve it then but he packs his stuff to run home. Then I come to him to talk things out, even if it was as mostly his fault. He hates arguments with me, and probably can't stand seeing me so upset (but with a reason always).

Why isn't anybody replying to my thread about our issues here anymore? You said what you had, to dump him, and that's it?

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I just had an argument with my boyfriend today over finances! See, I'm not perfect either! We have typical couple arguments, but we managed to cool off and come up with suggestions which helps us both.


We argue once a month... usually it's about finances or spending time with each other, but we NEVER fight. If any of us have our tempers escalating we go to a quieter area or spend 15 mins to a few hours of not speaking to each other until we come to our logical senses and try to solve things with clear minds. It's true that even adults need a time out. That way we never get violent, never scream or yell at each other, and learn to remain calm. It's been a very good practice for me and curving my temper has got better!

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Me and my boyfriend bicker about stupid things. The main thing we argue about is money and if I feel he is telling me what to do, I can't stand that, lol. Also he gets quite annoyed with me being messy, as does my family, lol. We have a little power struggle going on quite often and we both like to be right. I would say at the moment we are arguing every two days or so, but we are both quite unhappy as we have no home and have had a rough time recently.


The main thing is, we get over our arguments very quickly and then it's all forgotten within like an hour. We both have quick tempers I think. We never do any name-calling, we have never done that.

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