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So I get a phone call right before my date...


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The call isn't from the girl that I'm seeing in just a few minutes. My phone says it's from the girl Sandy that I met online. Hadn't heard from her for at least a week or more. Thought she'd blown me off.


We got on well in our conversations previously, and in the course of our talks she revealed that she was a double lung transplant patient. Seemed far out, but why would she lie?


We were supposed to go out for coffee. She was sick at the time, though, and you could hear it in her cough. She told me she's sorry and she rarely gets sick, but she would have to reschedule our date.


She texts me to say her sister took her to the hospital, apparently all transplant patients are supposed to go to their operating hospital for an illness. I tell her to take it easy and get better.


I hear nothing for a couple days. I text her asking if she's doing well.


Nothing, for over a week. I figure she's blown me off. Then I see her name pop up on my phone, tonight. My date for this evening isn't here yet, so I answer.


"Hey, you, didn't think I'd hear from you again, I thought you died," I said.


"um, hello, is this Tim?" A male voice.


"Yes, what's going on? Who is this?"


"Hi, this is Hector, Sandy's brother. I think that Sandy might have told you that she was a double lung transplant patient?"


"yeah, she mentioned that..." I said.


"Well, she went to the hospital a bit ago, and her body had rejected the lungs... she died."


Boy, did I feel like an ass. He was very gracious and knew that I was only joking with her, thinking she was calling me.


"I'm just calling all her friends and contacts to let them know, in case they didn't already, and to say where the wake and funeral will be..."


I mean, wow. What the hell. Just... damn. The poor girl.

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No, it certainly wasn't. She was a pretty cool chick too. Having already had a near-death experience with her lung transplant, she said that kind of thing changed you, and she looked at life differently, and felt she knew what was important.


I barely knew her, but I know that whenever I hear the album that we both were fans of, I'll think of her.

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I talked to her brother a little bit, apologizing for my response, and he certainly sounded like he understood. He did say that I must either not have known or had been the biggest @$$#*!e on the planet, so I don't think he believes I really insulted him or the family or her.


Damn though, y'know?

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