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OK about 2 years ago I had a bad break up which sent me into a major depression. I couldn't even function and therefore, couldn't hold down any steady employment. This depression lasted for about a year. Around Christmas of last year I started feeling better and was actively seeking a job. I finally landed a good job only to be laid of in June.


I was able to find another job but once again I got fired from this last job because to be honest I hated the job and had gotten myself involved with a co-worker which ended up badly and made working there very akward and uncomfortable.


So now I'am looking once again for another job but theres not many people calling depite the 100's of resume's I sent out.


So now I'am at the point where since I could'nt work all of the year before I had gone through my entire savings.


I'am living in my grandparents house after they had passed and agreed to pay my mom rentt o live here. Well because it took me soo long to recover from the depression and just having things not really go right my mom has decided to sell the house.


I have no problem paying rent or anything it has just taken me awhile to get back on track which I'am still struggling with a bit.


I explained this to my parents but they are the kind of parents that don't believe in things like depression or anything can be really "wrong" with you despite I have seen a therapist and taking meds.


So now I'am faced with having to probably move into an apartment.


The problems I have and I guess the things that make me sad are these things and I guess I really don't know how to handle it all it is a bit overwheleming.


1.)I have a dog and a cat which I will not give up. So I have to find a place that accepts them\


2.) I won't be able to play drums anymore as I highly doubt they would tolerate the noise.


3.) If I did stay here the rent is cheaper than any apartment I would find.


4.) Just the fact going from a house to an aprtment is like agh!


5.) There are these kids, the next door neighbor kids Holly and Nichole 8 and 10 who have been coming over and they are almost like my adopted kids. I mean I serriously love when they come over and play and hang out. They are really sweet kids and I enjoy them. So I would totaly miss them.


6.) I have aquired alot of debt from not working


7.) I had to quit school which really bums me out cause I'am not that far from finishing.


8.) I have a motorcycle which I love that I will prob have to sell cause I borrowed the money from a friend to buy it a few years back.


9.) Without having finished school I doubt I will get a job that really pays decent so I will most likely be just getting by.


10.) I'am 39 and I feel like crap about myself. I would have never of guessed things would have turned out like this.


I dunno I just feel like everything has come a part at the seams and I don't even know how to pick up the pices or try and put anything back together again.

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Hey man, I know what you're feeling. I'm feeling so depressed and stressed out from so many things, personal and financial, that I'm seriously considering moving back in with my parents for a year so I can save some money.


It sucks to reach adulthood and feel like you haven't really accomplished what you wanted to. I know it's not really much comfort, but just know that a lot of people go through the same thing.

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Hi there- first, just wanted to say I'm sorry your life has spiraled downward to the point where you are now. I understand how one problem can lead to another to another....until you really are at a bad point in life.


I am just going to toss out some questions so hopefully that will help clarify your situation a bit further.


Do you currently have any money that would allow you to move into your own place?


Are you in good physical health?


Are you currently taking any medication for depression? Is your depression better than it used to be or worse?


Do you live in a large metropolitan area or small town/rural?


I have a couple of suggestions for you, but I would need to know the above info before I would know if they would be relevant for you.

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I can live here till the house sells but the realtor said most likely because of the neihborhood the house is in and what my parents want for the house it should sell quikly.


I 'am in good physical health yes.


I a'm taking anti depressants Zoloft to be exact I just got bumped up to 150 mg and was also put on Abillify


I live in a large suburb Parma. It's a very good suburb

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Ok, this may be a bit of a stretch, but I am just tossing it out as a possibility -


I have a friend who was injured in an accident a few years ago, can't work, but once she gets some surgery, she will be able to go back to work. She had to go on food stamps, and general assistance ($300 per month), she has no savings left, so she can't afford to rent anywhere. She has found a solution - she is a caregiver to elderly people and she gets free rent and usually meals and sometimes they will pay her extra cash under the table, or they will do things like pay her car loan plus cable tv, etc.


I know that for a man, it might be a less than appealing option for you - but like I said, I just wanted to toss it out there.


If you are good at doing any kind of work around the house such as fixing things, moving stuff, etc, you could advertise on craigslist as someone who can do household tasks for people in your area. That might bring in a little cash - you could send an email around to everyone you know and ask them to spread the word.


Another idea would be to live with roommates- that would be a way to save on rent.


Ideally, your family would be sympathetic to you and extend some help by letting you keep living there, etc... but if you are like my friend and your family can't / won't do that .... you might have to get a little bit creative.


Good luck!!!

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well the best thing my mom said she would help me out with 1st months rent


as far as them not selling the house I highly doubt I would b able to prevent that.


I'am the black sheep of the family. I know I get treated different than my bro and sister do. I just accept that now and others have seen it to so I kinda expect to get no sort of symp[athy whatsoever nor do I really want someone to say oh poor boy it's ok.


All I wanted is a decent fair chance to get back on some sort of track and it just sucks when your parents won't even give you the time of day.

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