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Should I Dip My Pen In Company Ink?


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There is this girl I have a crush on at work, I would say everyone here has one with her too. We'll after a long while of emails and light flirting, I got her number and asked her out for lunch. Things happened and we couldn't get together. I then asked her for dinner this friday night. She replied sounds good. We'll she mentioned she would be gone on today to go to the lake. I texted her yesterday and told her I would call today to give the details for the date tomorrow.


Then it dawned on me. I overheard other people talking that another cute girl a couple rows over left to go on the lake. Then I saw one of the management bosses was gone too (the guy with the boat) and then I saw that my boss's boss was also gone too. Not a coincidence, it was a planned event. So my question is simple. Should I stop everything right here, decline the date and not call her, call her but decline the date, or go forward with it?

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Dinner can be a simple dinner, and nothing more.

Go out, ask her how the lake was.


Try to relax and enjoy the evening by getting to know her better.

Do this, but keep your pen outta the ink.


If anything might develop, it shouldn't happen overnight.

She is your colleague, afterall.

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Learn to get eyes and ears all over the place. Trust no one though. Play everything cool with her. If you must, be paranoid but be careful.


I've been in this rut before. I've recently got out of it, but there are still pieces missing that I want to know but at the same time I don't want to know. I say I don't care because I don't want to know because I know its most likely going to hurt me, but deep down I want to know just because enough people know and they are keeping it from me so I am not hurt but not knowing is hurting me more.


It could be a coincidence that they are all gone. With my case, there were a few times I suspected things because it was a coincidence that one thing or another happened but turned out to be nothing.

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