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Girlfriend's Depression / MoodSwings

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I'm looking for a bit of advice on how to help my girlfriend with her mood swings / depression.


We have been been together for over 6 months, and she has always been like this. However it seems like every (to me) small little thing gets her down or angry. I'm finding it increasingly hard to deal with, as it seems like every other day she gets like this now.


She tells me not to take it personally and just to ignore her, when she gets like this. But I find it hard, its not always that easy especially when she won't talk to me, I'll ask her if she okey or whats up and all she'll say is "Nothing, I'm fine" or "Don't worry its not you". This really frustrates me because I know shes not fine. I care about her so much, I hate seeing her this way. The other evening we just sat there in silence. Which lead to a big argument when we went to bed.


The other week one of her work colleagues said to her something along the lines of she is a "Really angry person", basically because she gets wound up so easily and lets everything get to her. But she couldn't believe it, when she was telling me about what she said. But I just sat there thinking yeah she is right!! But she couldn't believe what she had said to her.


She was seeing someone about her depression quite a while before we met. But has said to me shes fed-up with all that sort of stuff now. So I doubt she'll go back to see anyone about it now.


I just don't know what to do, do I just ignore like she said when she is like this (which will be hard because it not what I'm like). Do I try and get her to see someone?


Has anyone had a partner like this? or is anyone going through or been through something like this themselves? What could your partner have done to help you through this?

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I almost ruined my relationship with my boyfriend by being the same exact way until I spoke to my doctor..and he put me on a low dose of anti depressant/anxiety medication..Lexapro..10mg. Our relationship is now better than ever.


Now, i'm not saying that she has the same problem as me..but I would let her know that you're there to help her..suggest going to see her Primary Care Physician..offer to go with her.


Just don't push her..when my boyfriend pushed and pushed..it made my attitude and mood swings even worse. Just be there for her and make sure she knows you're there for her..

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