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Faced with prospect of hysterectomy and im too young

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im going out my mind here

i was rushed to hospital on friday night

excruciating pains,heavy bleeding

its settled now

iv to get pelvic scans on monday

but if they find more is wrong

im told i might have to have part hysterectomy

if this is my only option then i dnt think i can bear that

i really want a family liek anyone else when im older

and i dont see that life can be fullfilling without that

has anyone else had similar experiences or had a hysterectomy and bene able to go on

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Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. I am in the middle of going through some rough female problems and I've had colposcopies and cryosurgery. My doctor tells me that if that doesn't clear up the cancerous cells I will have to have a partial or full hystorectomy. That devistated me. Have you talked to a specialist about all your options? Are you on birth control? There are some birth controls out there that can slow your bleeding down, but I'm not sure of your situation to make any kind of judgement in that regard.


Please, please talk to a specialist and weigh ALL your options before you make the final decision to have a hystorectomy.

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First, if you keep your ovaries, you can always get a surrogate mother later to carry your child. Women who have early hysterectomies do this all the time. They mix your husband's sperm with your egg and implant it in a surrogate who carries the baby.


So even if this happens it is still possible for you to be a mother.


But don't panic yet... you're not sure what the problem is, and unless it is a life or death situation, you want to get a second opinion since there is lots of very innovative surgeries out there that might be able to save your uterus depending on what is wrong.


If this doctor does recommend a hysterectomy, do research on your condition and see if you can find a doctor with the best treatment options.

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the thing was i had a failed medical termination then had to get surgical removal

of course im wholly regretting that choice now i just felt too young but i wish i didnt do it now

so basicaly what happened to me was my womb was tryna get rid of tisue that was still left behind so it was contracting for hours which was excruciating

and i have infection in my womb

im on depo provera birth control injection

i was so full of morphine the whoel time that i didnt understand what the doctors were saying

i think they think that there might be more to it or if i dont clear up then thats why there considerign hysetrectomy

its the worst thing to hear that

its such an intrinisic part of beign a woman being able to conceive

im so sorry to hear about yourseld

somethign that you have had no influence on

i pray that it doesnt get to worst for you

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I am very sorry to hear that. Did you go to a reputable clinic to have the termination done? If you need a hysterectomy see if they can book you in with a fertility expert to discuss your options. Often with cancer patients eggs are removed and stored prior to chemotherapy, perhaps something like that is possible in your situation.

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Hysterectomy is not the usual course for a bad infection. They would put you on intervenous antibiotics and might do a D&C as Victoria states.


Are you sure you even really understood what the doctor was telling you if you were on morphine. Perhaps you mistook what he said, as in something like 'there's a small chance if all else fails you'll need a hysterectomy'. That is not the LIKELY scenario, just one possibility. The doctor may have just been laying out all the potential outcomes, not the most likely one.


Also, i wouldn't let them do it without a second opinion. Some doctors are more surgery happy than others, and since you are young you might want to try a different alternative than that kind of surgery if there are other treatments available.

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