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why did he send me this text do you think?mind games?


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so i don't text him that often. he usually texts me first. on saturday to see what i am doing that night.the other night we got to talking about having sex.and i said i want to but i got feelings for him and i know he doesn't because he told me.i told him i'm too scared i'll feel worse than i already do.got nothing back


then i got a message today out of nowhere, saying he doesn't think anything can happen between us because his ex-girl is talking about him and her getting back together. so i told him thats good for him and as long as he's happy,then i am happy.


by the way we never had sex......is this him playin?i swear the whole thing does my head in

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I agree. really, for him to contemplate having sex with you when you told him you have feelings for him and it will hurt you too much, and then go and tell you, like he is totally clueless, "It won't work out because my ex gf is back in the picture"... really, erase him from your life... you deserve so much better.

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