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We all need to get out, join a meetup group and

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get out of our funk.


Guys you need to meet women during the day when the ratio is 1 to 1 or go to a yoga class where the ratio is 15 to 1 in your favor. Go to trader Joe's or panera bread and start a conversation. Say anything as most guys are too chicken and gals just want a confidant guy to finally show it.


Gals all you need to do it do to a bar/club or join an online dating site and your problem is solved. All of us should try speed dating. I remember the feeling my first love gave me and it was also good like it was with my wife who left.


I am also guilty of thinking nobody can replace her but our conversations were getting redundant ( we were preaching to the choir - each other) I know know how to make many people happy and remember that others can do the same for me. For those of you in Southern CA listen to my discussion with the CEo of a free online dating site link removed and let me know if you want to go out as friends and meet other people.


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I'm not really interested in the men who hang out in bars and clubs and I've done the online dating process with less than stellar results. My strategy is to do the things I love doing because they give me the best opportunity to cross paths with like-minded men. Plus, it requires no extra effor because they are the same things I'd be doing anyway.

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