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orgasm- every time?

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I can still find pleasure in sex with my SO without orgasm. But obviously, if it were a regular occurrence, it would be a problem.


I think this is the way most women feel about this subject. I personally think that women can (in a way) choose if they're going to orgasm or not based on how tired they feel or energetic at the moment.


I'm fairly easily orgasmic, but when I'm super tired and its super late - but I want to make love to my husband b/c he's aching for me, I will enjoy the sex and foreplay... but if I'm very tired, I'm totally fine with not cuming. Its hard work for a woman to orgasm! Men don't have it hard at all in that way usually - but for women, I swear its almost a conscious choice.


I believe that (most) women never orgasm every time they have intercourse... to me, that'd be impossible. And I usually do orgasm, but like you, when I don't - my hubby feels a little upset. But I tell him that its fine, I love the making love and am not in it just to orgasm (that'd be pretty silly and shallow to me personally). Orgasms are amazing but I think I enjoy the Plateau phase the most out of all of them and it lasts the longest!!!!!


But like the above post said, if it happened almost everytime where I NEVER could orgasm, then that is a serious problem I would work on fixing it.


But I've heard that a lot of women actually NEVER experience an orgasm!!!!!!!! And that is crazy to me because there's so much info out there how to get yourself to be able to (first by yourself, and then with your partner).


but OP you do orgasm most all the time right? like this isn't occurring every time?

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No this definitely isn't occurring every time...but my SO worries that he isn't pleasing me when i don't have one....and i try to explain to him that its perfectly fine... i'm very happy with just making love to him and being close- for me ...the main purpose of sex isn't always to have an orgasm... sometimes i just want the closeness and i want HIM to feel good.


I have plenty of orgasms with my SO... so thats not an issue.. the issue is him understanding that i don't need to have an orgasm every single time.

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I don't mind if i don't have an orgasm every time my fiance and I have sex/make love...


He wonders if he's "jipping" if i dont have one every time.


I wanted to hear from other woman - do they feel they HAVE to have an orgasm every time ...or is it ok if you don't have one every time?


I don't have one everytime and it's ok.

Some days it's just about getting him off and that leaves me satisfied (weirdly!)

Other days I reallllly want to have an O.

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It still floors me that women can have sex without the big O, let alone that seems to be the norm. I just don't get that. Maybe I've been lucky the women I've been with all knew what they were doing, but that's likely not all there is to it because even the virgin I was with came a couple of times. An no, for the curious I'm not gargantuan, well, maybe a little bit, but the bottom line is that it really has to be how you use it and I'm thinking there really are a lot of guys out there that don't know what they're doing.

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