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"Male Enhancement", I'm curious. Whats the point and do they actually work?

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Every day I watch TV I see a commercial for Male Enhancement pills like Enzyte, which claim to increase penis size. I've heard of a lot of things that supposedly increase penis size (length and girth) but I never understood any of it. Now I'm starting to get curious about all these things that are said to increase penis size, permanently or temporarily.


I am actually curious enough to try them but I really don't know. Kinda weird because I'm not self-conscious or worried about my size but I do want a couple extra to be honest but my reason for wanting to try them is more curiosity than anything else. If any actually work then I may be inclined to try them myself but I don't know.


Anyone mind informing me about these things?

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It's a rip off. There's no pill under the sun that will increase or improve your manhood. The only thing that's going to do that is daily exercise, eating right, and a positive mental attitude. Those are the only things that will ever make a difference.

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Don't waste your money or risk your health.

At best these things won't work (it's quackery), and at worst they could mess you up.

And either way, it's money down the drain.


No need to answer it here, but ask yourself if your penis feels good/works, etc.

If the answer is yes, then you should be glad that all is in order, and you are good to go.

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Well, someone I know has tried Extenze (or however you spell it), and he explained to me that it increases blood flow to that region of the body, which causes it to grow. He said it made a noticeable difference in both length and girth, although by no means did he go from "average" to "porn star huge" lol Oh, and another thing...the results aren't permanent. Or at least they weren't for him. It only worked as long as he regularly took the pills. Within a few days of him stopping taking the pills, it went back to normal size.

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