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Just heard from my attorney


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She just got back from the meeting with the judge, the back story is in this thread see the first and last page:




But the judge ruled basically in my favor by, making the morality clause permanent it was set to expire this summer, he also reduced her visitations from 1st,3rd and 5th starting on Wednesdays ending on Sundays to starting on Fridays and ending Monday mornings (weird) and then 6-8pm on Thursdays, then in the summer instead of her getting the kids for 30 days she will get them a week in June and July and August along with her regular visitations.


She's still not paying child support but oh well, I'll deal with that later I guess

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Won't your kids miss their mother?



Of course they will, they are 3 and 7, if there mother was (and she isn't) a crack addict they'd still miss her, what is your point? She's not barred from seeing them, her time with them has been reduced, because of the decisions she has made that were putting them in potentially dangerous situations.


Hopefully this will be a wake up call to her but I doubt it, she will eventually if she doesn't change her ways lose visitation with them altogether.


The children deserve better from their mother than what they are getting.

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Good point. My boys (16, 20, 22) do not have much to do with their mother, by their own choice. Their interaction is limited bc of her behavior and demeanor. She only lives 3 miles away.


Do they, or I, miss her? Of course. But the missing (which is not real) deals with the person she was and not who she is now.

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